Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Star Spangled Banner

Happy 4th of July!

I’m a big fan of July 4th celebrations and this is like one big long weekend of parties! I love parades, big family picnics and fireworks and we will be going to all three today! It always seems to be less than desirable summer weather on the Fourth of July, though. It’s either freakishly cold or raining. Today is seems to be raining.

And tomorrow.....I’m going to see the super fabulous JON BON JOVI in Milwaukee, WI! Live. In person. Yahoooo!!
I’ve refrained from talking about it on my blog because I didn’t want to make you all crazy with my Bon Jovi madness, but I think my friends and family are about ready to have me committed.

I got the tickets many months ago when they first went on sale. As it turned out, though, I knew I was going to end up with one extra ticket, but yesterday, it turned into two. I was trying to find someone who shares my Bon Jovi madness (few people do) to buy the remaining tickets, but it being Fourth of July weekend (or maybe nobody wants to sit near me at a Bon Jovi concert, I don’t know), everyone already had plans.

I put them up on Craigslist, hoped for the best and went to my dentist appointment to check on the status of the teeth I wanted for a birthday present. They will be ready in two weeks!

So, as I was semi-freaking out in the chair, my dentist, the nice guy that he is, asked if I had anything exciting going on this weekend. I told him about Bon Jovi. I don’t normally talk to my dentist too much, you know, because he always has sharp objects in my mouth.

As it turns out, he loves Bon Jovi. He said he was jealous because he found out about the Milwaukee concert too late and it was sold out, he couldn’t get tickets. Between hyperventilations, I told him that I actually had two tickets for sale and if he’d like them, they are his.

They really aren’t great tickets, but he was thrilled! He ran out to the desk and took a ton of money off the balance that I owe him for my new teeth. Way more than I even paid for all the tickets put together! I told him that and he said he didn’t care. He was thrilled to be able to see Bon Jovi.

So, I am going with a group of friends (who already know I am crazy) and my dentist, of all people, who has only seen me in the midst of panic attacks. Hopefully, he won’t wear that silly mask.

I definitely will let you know how it goes. Head on over to and check out their newest video “The Star Spangled Banner”. I would embed it, but I can’t seem to remember my password. It’s pretty cool, as theirs always are. I hope you have a very happy and safe Fourth of July.

Many thanks to all of the soldiers past and present for the sacrifices they've made protecting our freedoms. Don't forget about them today! God Bless America!


Leanne said...

Woot! Bon Jovi in Milwaukee! That sounds like fun! Have a wonderful time - and I hope the rain stops so you get to enjoy the fireworks tonight!!

This Eclectic Life said...

Can you see how green I am? It's probably visible if you look at your monitor hard enough! Bon Jovi. Lucky wench. And, going with your dentist? Hey, if y'all get buddy-buddy you may get all kinds of discounts! I hope you are having a wonderful 4th!

Jenny McB said...

I am jealous, of the concert and knocking money off a dental bill.

Pen said...

Not only is it Bon Jovi in Milwaukee! It's Bon Jovi at Summerfest! You are going to have a blast! Wave as you go by I live just south of Milwaukee! :)

aisling said...

OMG Bon jovi. So jealous.

L^2 said...

How Awesome! Happy 4th and hope you have a fantastic time at the concert!!!

Jamie said...

Bon Jovie is wonderful and you deserve a truly great time out. Full report please when you return from the good times.

Crystal said...

Hmm... Bon Jovi tickets = new teeth, huh? Maybe I should find me some tickets.