Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trivia Hour 3 Question 1 (Blogathon 47)

Line on up boys and girls for the FINAL hour long trivia contest of the night! The rules are easy...there are no rules. I ask a question and you answer in the comments. You can cheat, do whatever you want, it's fine with me. The first correct answer to each question wins a raffle ticket to win one of these fabulous prizes!.

I believe my daughter Princess Erica will be doing the webcam drawing. She wants to and she's bored, so in an attempt for some peace and quiet, I might let her do it. You can see my webcam through Yahoo Messenger ID: jessicatherockchick. It's on for chat, too! Otherwise, the winners will be announced in my 10:30 PM Central Time Post!

Without further is the first question!

QUESTION: Which singer's real name is Frederick Bulsara?

COMING UP RIGHT AFTER THE TRIVIA GAMES: Another Q and A at 10:00 PM Central and the raffle winners list at 10:30 PM!


Malcolm: said...

freddie mercury

Jessica Morris said...

grr he beat me!