Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stray Cat Strut

I was going to writing start this post all cranky because I woke up this mid-April morn to a freakin’ blizzard. (Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but, COME ON!) Then some really good things happened so the lost and lonely, wandering mood that I have been stuck in the past few weeks is lifting.

I am strutting my JessiCat Stuff because this morning I quite a complimentary blog review from Billy Mac of Critique My Blog. Here’s what he said:

“This whole blogging thing seems to come easier for some people like in the case of this blogging rock chick. Great blog name...great blog content...interesting stories about her life in general. Who would have thought years ago when AOL was slow as the coffee line at Starbucks and the Internet service Prodigy was still around, that we would be writing about ourselves and actually finding people who found that interesting? This is just such a blog. I love the template setup with the girl on the side and the whole format fits the mood of your blog. Great job!”

This makes me as happy as blasting the teenybopper favorite MMMBop on my iPod and dancing around the basement. (seriously!) Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures. It’s not illegal.

I’m flattered that my blogging appears to come easily. The truth is, the ideas come somewhat naturally, but I second guess each sentence that I write. My mad methods must be working. On at least two occasions, I’ve made one of my biggest fans (not to be confused with the super-fan) almost pee in their pants. I’m not sure I wanna know when it finally happens.

Ok, yes, I do :) I’ve never been one to turn down a compliment.

Everything else is looking up, too. I have tickets to see the one and only Bon Jovi (ohhh, baby!)this summer and I’m almost done with all of my oral surgeries and dental work. Best of all, I am not freaking out at the dentist any more! (It’s really difficult to make people believe you are this all together Rock Chick when the sight of a dental chair makes you too weak to kick ass in your CatBoots.)

Speaking of kicking ass, my buddy J.Ho really pulled a number a few weeks back that left me wondering if I was going to have to cruise alleys or something in order to chase her down and give her a piece of my mind...boot...whatever. I have decided to take the go back to ignoring her like I used to. It works and it’s the high road.

Sometimes I may be more Choir Girl than Rock Chick, but one thing's for sure. I’m a lady cat and I’ve got cat class and I’ve got cat style.

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