Friday, December 22, 2006

Sit and Spin!

My little sister had one of those! They were great!

Ok, what is up with Rosie O'Donnell and The Donald? I turned on the news last night to see a fight between them fit for Jr. High School girls. I was waiting for The Donald to make the "L" sign on his forehead when he called Rosie a loser. Didn't happen, but at least it would have been amusing.

I don't think Rosie is so mad at Trump as she is just angry in general. I don't find her funny at all. I'm very sensitive to other people's emotions and moods and just watching her puts me into a funk. Robin Williams and Roseann Barr do the same thing to me. The crazier they get, the more I can feel the sadness and anger pouring out of them.

I don't even know why Donald responded to her tirade. Probably because any TV time is a good thing for The Donald Empire. I expected him to have a better response though than "loser", "fat" and "I'm going to have someone steal your girlfriend". WTF? The man says he is worth $5 billion dollars. He should have paid someone to write something for him.

I'm trying to figure out why two people who seemingly have everything are sooo angry. They both have beautiful families, successful careers and probably more money and opportunities than anyone needs and yet they both feel the need to publicly attack each other and make fools of themselves. I guess it's true that money can't buy happiness, but it can buy Sit and Spins! It can probably even buy them big enough to fit the giant asses they both made of themselves. Maybe they should both get one and take a little ride and see if they can't find a smile somewhere within themselves.

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