Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dear Control Freak

Dear Control Freak,

You’ve begged, pleaded, yelled and even threatened to kill yourself and she still won’t take you back. These are old and tired tricks, my friend. There have been generations of control freaks ahead of you. At the very least, try to come up with something original.

You’ve driven by to spy on her. You’ve had your friends follow her and she still won’t take you back? Again, not an original idea. This is why restraining orders were invented.

You have your friends harass and threaten her safety via phone, e-mail, text message, IM, MySpace and even in person and she STILL won’t take you back? …cyberstalking and harassment. Well, it’s trendy, I guess, but still not an original idea.

Whatever could be wrong with this girl that she isn’t just welcoming you back with open arms? I can’t imagine who wouldn’t find suicide-threatening-stalkers simply charming!

Let me give you a hint. My daughter no longer wishes to have anything to do with you. I know even you have to realize this. The house phone, the cell phones, the computer and my daughter all belong to me (not her) and if you and your friends continue to contact any of the above, you will be dealing with me and my friends. If you think you feel sad now, wait til you see what blue feels like. I hope I made myself clear.

Love, The Rock Chick

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