Monday, August 28, 2006

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

I don't care for any of the above listed three, but the worst in my book are the theives.

This post is directed to the loser(s) who decided to break into both of my cars last night (as well as those of my neighbors), and steal our personal belongings. I don’t even want to hear that I shouldn’t leave anything in MY cars. I should be able to leave whatever I want in MY cars. You have no business breaking and entering into MY cars to take MY stuff. End of story.

The police officer said “it’s kids” (no way! really?). Maybe I’m supposed to shrug it off to some childhood prank? The police may have better things to do, but I don’t. When you get pinched, I won’t care if you are a good student or have never been in trouble before. One pile of dog crap smells just as bad as three. Doesn’t matter to me.

When you get caught (and you will), I truly hope you are in possession of my stolen property. I will get no greater joy then signing a complaint against you while you are sitting in a cell sniveling and praying that mommy and daddy come down and bail out your sorry self. If I were you I’d hope that they get there before some really bad guy with all sorts of diseases decides to use you as his anatomically correct blow up doll. The police can’t be everywhere all the time, you know. Isn’t that the same theory you operate under?

Here’s an idea…maybe if you didn’t spend your middle-of-the-nights creeping around and burglarizing people’s cars, you’d have enough energy to get yourself a job and earn the money to pay for those things like the civilized members of society have to do.

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