Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tweet, Tweet!

Because I SO rock the treetops AND my all-day-long iPhone chirping on Facebook just isn’t enough, I also hopped on the Twagon (Twitter Wagon) and am starting to master flappin’ my wings in 120 characters or less. I know, I know, you get 140, but I learned you’re supposed to limit it to 120 in case you write something so fascinating that someone would want to “RT” ( re-tweet ) it. Needless to say, I am very #wordy and while that flies in the blogosphere, in the Twitterverse, it's more akin to being a duck on the wrong side of a 10 gauge shotgun. Thud.

I totally suck at Twitter, but I’m determined.

In order to experience Twitter to its fullest, you must follow others and be followed. I currently am following 115 people and have 69 followers. This seems to be a sufficient number for social networking and RANTastic possibilities, but it’s not.

Why? (No worries, I’ll tell you.)

1. I’m following people (ok, celebrities) who are not following me. (Except for Yoko Ono. She even sent me a message!) I can see what these celebs write, but they don’t see what I write. If I respond directly to them, they can see that, but, they probably have 800,000+ people sending them messages. I say the chance of conversation is pretty nil.
2. If I’m being honest, the vast majority of people I’m following are just not all that interesting.
3. Even worse, a lot of the people following me couldn’t care less about anything I’m tweeting. They want numbers, so they are just following people in the hopes of being followed.

I’m finding Twitter to be like every little swallow, every chickadee and every little bird in a tall oak tree are singing away and wondering if anyone is really listening to anybody else? Sometimes it seems kind of lonely.

It’s not all bad, though. The top celebs on my Twitterlist are Michael Ian Black (hysterical!) Ashton and Demi (who are actually entertaining), along with Perez Hilton, Dr Drew, Soleil Moon Frye, one of my favorite authors, Jen Lancaster, and blogger extraordinaire, Dragonblogger. I can always understand what these people write and they usually come up with something clever, funny or endearing to say....err, tweet.

The least interesting person I follow is Office Chair who reports on his farting activity. Yes, it’s true. The only reason I followed him was because I was relatively certain I could understand what he was talking about, which, for me, is problem #4 a lot of the time.

Still, I am determined to master Twitter and hopefully, one day all the real tweeples of J-Cat street and the celebs...Crystal, Dustin, Shelly, Damien, Malcolm and Rex... will love to hear The Rock Chick going tweet, tweet, tweet.


Thorne said...

Twitter has me a bit baffled too, but I'm giving it a shot. I'm going to twit you. (or is that tweet?) :-)

This Eclectic Life said...

To Thorne...I'm not going to comment about "twit," lol! I saw something that you had done on Twitter with another application. It's another thing I need to master. I don't go over there often enough, because it will eat all my time! My Muse gives me trouble enough!

RamblingRexInChicago said...

I can't get into it. But when I'm notified that someone 'new' is following me, I feel compelled to 'tweet'. I think I'll stick to Facebooking ... as if I could stop! But I am impressed with how quickly you are learning the Twitter ropes!