Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teen Age Crush

Something amazingly fabulous has happened to The Rock Chick. Alright, it’s not all that amazing, but that was a good attention grabber, no? Hang in there, it is a cool story.

I am fascinated by celebrities. I don’t know why, but I always have been and in my youth, I had some heartaching teenage crushes on several heartthrobs like Shaun Cassidy, Erik Estrada, Mark Harmon and Gregory Harrison.

In my early high school years, Gregory Harrison was starring on a show called Trapper John MD. He played the offbeat Dr. Gonzo Gates and his curly brown hair, dark eyes and charming good looks had me crushing on him....bad! So bad, in fact, that I put pictures of him on the inside of my school locker.

Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

Yes, you are looking at a picture of The Rock Chick (although, I was The Choir Chick back then) circa 1981, posing in front of her locker and showing off her Gonzo Gates picture along with a cast picture of Trapper John MD.

Seriously? How dorky can one be? I don’t even know how I opened my locker in public.

I recently came across this picture of myself and my sister found it hysterical. She found out that Gregory Harrison had his own website and his e-mail address was posted. He loves to hear from fans, I guess. Who knew?

I’ve never been much of a fan letter writing person, but once when my sister and I were young, we wrote fan letters to Mr. Rogers. I received a record back in the mail and my sister's letter went unanswered. She said that I had to email that photo along with a little note to Gregory Harrison because I’m lucky that way.

I, being completely bored out of my mind recovering from back surgery, agreed to do it. I had nothing else to do.

Well, to my surprise....HE E-MAILED ME BACK! Yes, it’s’s what he wrote!!!

Dear Jessica,
Thanks for the email and the good laugh.  I appreciate your attention now and I also appreciate your attention way back in the old days. I have to say you were a great looking high school girl, and I'll bet you are still lovely.  I hope you will enjoy the AU PAIR 3 movie that is coming out in March on ABC Family Channel.  I look a little older, but so it goes.
Thanks again,

Darn tootin’ I’m still lovely! Not only is the man gorgeous, he’s smart, too! And Gregory...I’m on a first name basis now with Gregory Harrison. I officially have a celebrity BFF! Cool, right?

Riding in a limousine with Paris Hilton can’t be too far off after all!


This Eclectic Life said...

Bwahaha! You were an adorable high school chick...and you are an adorable old woman!

A celebrity BFF. I'm so jealous. But, then I'm 3 degrees from Gregory, aren't I? I can't count.

You don't want to ride in a limo with Paris. If you DO go with her, I don't want to hear about it.

Malcolm said...

You surprise me. Out of the cast of "Trapper John, M.D.", I figured you to have your inside locker plastered with pics of Charles Siebert (aka Dr. Stanley Riverside). Seriously, that's cool that Gregory Harrison took the time to write you back.

Even though it isn't in the same league as say "St. Elsewhere", I'd like to see "Trapper John M.D." again. TV Land should be showing something like this instead of reality programs.

This Eclectic Life said...

An award awaits you at my house. Go here

Dustin said...

The only celebrity that ever wrote me back was Santa! Oh wait, maybe that's because I never wrote to any other celebrities...

That's cool tho that you got a response! I'll admit I am somewhat fascinated with celebrities...but I don't get crazy about them like I see some people do...I think it would be way cool to meet some of them. I've met a few celebrities in the Christian music world. I even got to sit in on a phone interview with Will Ryan who has a pretty impressive resume on imdb

It was after that phone interview that I decided that my dream job would be as a voice actor...I wonder what I've got to do to make that come to fruition!!

Oh and as for the comment about opening your locker in public - I hate to be the one to point this out to you (no, ok...I like being the one to point it out to you), but you didn't have any other choice. Those locker banks were bolted down in public!