Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

It’s late Saturday night/Sunday morning and I can’t sleep. In my last post, I described how I thought 2008 was the worst year ever and how I couldn’t wait for it to be 2009. I need to turn over a fresh page on the calendar year to break this cycle of Murphy’s law my family is experiencing. This year has been too much and with only three weeks left, an end doesn't seem to be in sight.

Early this morning, I got a phone call. It’s not a phone call any mother ever wants to hear. It was from a paramedic and my daughter had been involved in a serious roll over accident on her way snowboarding early this morning. It appeared that she hadn’t done anything wrong, she just hit black ice and lost complete control of our Dodge Durango. When she hit the guardrail, the momentum of the crash was enough to flip them over it somehow and the vehicle not only flipped forward over the guardrail, it rolled over twice down an embankment and landed in a creek.

Black Ice, in case you don’t know, is frozen ice with many air bubble strapped inside, making it transparent. It takes on the color of the material that it’s on and you can’t see it.

My baby hit Ice, Ice, Baby and lost control of the car. Miraculously, she and her three passengers were okay. They all walked away from this accident. The worst injury was a couple of stitches in the front seat passenger’s forehead.

It was a long drive to the hospital. She was over 100 miles away and it seemed to take forever to get there and as I drove I couldn't stop thinking about what I could have possibly done to have all of these things happen to my family in such a short period of time. As I drove, it dawned on me that sometimes bad things happen to good people and someone was certainly watching out for my daughter and her friends today.

I need to start looking at the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Tonight I am thanking God for miracles and for the safety of my daughter and her friends. My car, though, (yes, the one I just bought) didn’t survive, but I think it's sheer massiveness helped save my baby and for that I'm extremely grateful.

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Create Resume said...

I am glad to hear that your daughter and her passengers are ok, it is a bummer about your Durango though. I am sure everything will start to get better in the new year.

Jessica Morris said...

wow! That is incredible!
I am so, so, so glad that the damage was so minimal!!

Malcolm said...

Black ice is one of the worst parts about living in an area that has rough winters. Your daughter and her friends are extremely lucky. I experienced something similar about 10 years ago. Although I was able to climb out of my car (it was upside down) and got away with a slight bump on my knee, my car wasn't as lucky.

Crystal said...

Oh my God! I had no idea.

Wow. I'm so glad she is okay.

2009 can't come quickly enough.

pjazzypar said...

Thank God your daughters and her passengers are okay. You must have been frightened witless for a moment.

This Eclectic Life said...

Jessica. OMG. Jessica. It's hard to imagine it (maybe not so hard after the fact). You are sooo lucky. YES, *Someone* is watching out for you. I am so glad your daughter is OK. A car can be replaced.