Friday, November 7, 2008

I Get A Kick Out Of You

OK, everyone, sit down and take a deep breath because the news I am about to share with you is nothing short of shocking and I don’t want you to fall over and hurt yourselves.

Ready? Ok!

Are you sure? Alrighty!

After a study at the prestigious University of Chicago, it was learned by top researchers that.....

Bullies may get a kick out of seeing others in pain.

I know, take a moment to catch your breath because the concept is a lot to take in all at once time.

While the article says that this news may come as no surprise to those who have been victimized by bullies (no shit!), this actually was not what the researchers expected. (huh?) They said that the “prevailing thought” was that bullies were cold and unemotional in their aggression.

How could they think this? Aren’t the kids who end up being scientific researchers the ones that were bullied on playgrounds? You’d think they’d know better ;) This is why people have to think outside the box in order to help people. Sometimes, the “prevailing thought” is crap and I would hope educated people could recognize crap when they see it, hear it or smell it.

Now, I’m no psychiatric expert (although, I could be, believe me) but why would anyone think that bullies got nothing out of their behavior? Few people, if any, do anything without a reason or purpose. Serial criminals and killers have motivation and get something out of their behavior, so why wouldn’t playground bullies?

A friend of mine and I often laugh about these “breaking news” studies and have often thought about starting a business called “We’ll tell you whatever you want to know for half the price.”

I’m thinking I'm going to give her a call and get ourselves incorporated. We’d be rich in no time!


Dustin said...

Wow, I am STUNNED.

Or not.

I think that a study like that is a waste of time and money you's obvious. Are our researchers really that bored? Have they already solved world hunger, found a way to achieve world peace, and found the cures to all that ails us?

What's next? A study that shows that people with open wounds are more likely to bleed through an open wound than those without?

Wow...I feel sorry for these people that they are bored enough to conduct such "research".

This Eclectic Life said...

Lordy. I'm sure glad to know that nugget of wisdom! I just don't know how I managed to go 54 years without it.

I just wish I had the audacity to think up something stupid to research and get a grant to be paid for it. Sheesh.

Malcolm said...

The time and money wasted on these types of "studies" kills me. The researchers at The University of Chicago should get the "No Shit Sherlock" award for their "findings".