Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Got Back

Troubles, that is.

Last night after spending 30 minutes in a too warm, coffin like tube that made more noise than Metallica, it was determined that I have a herniated disk that is compressing my sciatic nerve. This explains the excruciating pain I am experiencing through my backside, down my leg, through my calf and into my foot.

Not that it’s good news, but it’s good to know. I guess. Right?

So now I am waiting for The Spine Center to call me back in order to schedule some sort of cortizone epidural injection.

Sigh. It never ends.


Dustin said...

Sounds about right. Hopefully they'll be able to do something about it for you. How long have you been experiencing the pain? Is it something that you can pretty much figure out what caused it? If so, perhaps some physical therapy can take care of it.

I've had the same problem for 9 years. I just started seeing a chiropractor (within the past 3 or 4 weeks) and have started seeing some positive results. I'm not completely better, but I am better than I was for the most part. In the 4 weeks prior to going to the Chiropractor, I was walking with a cane every day. Now I don't need the cane every day...which is an improvement!

I sure hope you can get some good treatment and quick. I know how much it sucks to have sciatic pain all the time.

A. Jannelle said...

The steroid epidural did wonders for my back. I have destroyed two of the disks in that area and was miserable. I had a steroid epi done and I'm virtually pain free. I second the chiropractor suggestion. He was able to help me a lot. He kept me walking when I should have been flat on my back unable to move.

Hope you get some relief soon.

Sarah said...

Ouch, doesn't sound fun at all, I'm sorry! Thanks for stopping by, I am trying to sneak back into blogging and pretend I have been there for awhile before sounding the trumpets. I am amazed you still had me in your database. Take care of yourself, and I hope this is a quick fix.

The Rock Chick said...

Dustin: I have an appointment for the epidural on Monday. I hear that only 50% get relief though. I'm hoping that one of them is me! This is brutal!

A. Janelle: oh wow. Thanks for the hopeful story!

Sarah: yes, please sneak or dive right back intop blogging. I've missed you!!!!

Dustin said...

I only got any lasting relief out of ONE of the epidural steroid injections I got (I got a total of 4). And by lasting I mean it lasted for about 2 weeks. For me the ESIs just didn't seem to do the trick.

Plus, for me, since it was with Veteran's Affairs, I had to drive 3 hours to get the thing and then 3 hours back. Kind of counter-productive since being on the road like that makes my back worse!

I'm hoping you get some relief!!!

The Rock Chick said...

Dustin: my back gets worse even with short driving trips. I can't eve imagine trying to make it 3 hours one way to get there. Geez! There isn't some place closer they can send you?

A. Jannelle said...

I know with mine they literally stood there with a machine that x-rayed my back so they could place the meds with pin point precision. I've also done my best to not do a darn thing that might compromise my back. No lifting, back friendly sitting, and so forth. I also went to a pain management specialist instead of a spine doctor for the procedure.

JAM said...

Those are the same nerves that were ruined in my left leg. The outside, back portion of my left leg and the outer three toes and the outer side of my left foot have been numb for years.

I sure do hate to hear of anyone having this problem. It's pretty common, but over the years I've found that the only ones who have any sympathy for your situation are ones who've dealt with it themselves.

Just be sure and speak up to your doctors and be specific about the areas and types of pain.

At first I thought they would think I was crazy or making up weird feelings and pain types, but without exception, these moments where I would plainly explain my strange pains and locations were immediately understood and really helped the doctor's understand what the root cause could be.

I'm actually still amazed when I describe a weird symptom and the doctor then nods knowingly and proceeds to explain exactly what causes that specific pain and feeling in those particular areas. It helps them help you better to tell them EVERYTHING you feel, no matter how silly or strange it sounds to you.