Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walk This Way

In celebration of Mental Illness Awareness Week, I’ve decided to do a little “Hands Across America” thing here. (do you all remember that? It was awesome!) Best of all, I won’t even charge you $10.00 to participate like they did.

We will be spreading the following message:
As much as the evil depression monster would like to convince people that they are alone, they aren’t.

The Rock Chick is inviting you (yes, you!) to join hands with me and walk this way! Let’s walk our way onto blogs across America to get the message out to that people who are suffering, that they are not alone. Hopefully, the message will help people get the help they need and finally put an end to the unfortunate stigmas involved with any mental illness.

I have already grabbed Shelly’s hand, so I need someone to grab onto her other hand. I would do it, but I need to carry the big stick I’ve sharpened to poke the monster in the eye. When it’s blinded, we can collectively Catboot the beast.

What? Don’t have your own Catboots? No worries, you can borrow a pair of mine. No blog? That's ok, too, but you should really get one! Just leave a comment with your name or your nickname.

So, come on now! Add your name/nickname to the comments section to grab hands and then take the little graphic and post it on your blog sending people back here to grab someone else’s hand. Let’s see how far we can walk together in spreading the message on blogs across America (or the world!!)

Jessica The Rock Chick has grabbed Shelly’s hand. Who else next? Keep checking back here to see how far we’ve walked!

Deborah s-a grabbed Shelly's hand! And now Kentucky Gal grabbed Deborah's! And now Dustin has grabbed Kentucky Gal's Hand! Woo Hoo! Jen grabbed Dustin's hand! Crystal jumped in to grab Dustin's hand!

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This Eclectic Life said...

I'm with ya. Let me get a post together.

Deborah S-A said...

I'm with you (sorry no blog). That is one monster that needs to be blinded so others can see!!!

KentuckyGal said...

Gads, am I with y'all on this one! A couple of things: I'll have to do a post later, cause I've been up since like 4 am with a sick child and I am whacked. I'll post a link when I get it written. I did finally take my Cymbalta, though, so things will be ok. :) And last, but not least, I have a pic of Bon Jovi that you're gonna need a drool cup for. ;)

Dustin said...

You know...I am really regretting my really busy schedule this past week...Look at all the stuff I missed out on!

How's the irony in that, I wasn't aware of mental illness awareness week.

Dustin said...

Mental ILLNESS awareness????

I meant to say Mental Health Awareness. Oy!

The Rock Chick said...

Dustin: It's actually Mental Illness Awareness Week. It sounds awkward to me too. You want to grab a hand? My attempt at walking on blogs all across America is not going so well! LOL

Dustin said...

Sho' thang! Here's my contribution!

Jen said...

I dealt with Depression for awhile and if only I would have turned for help earlier I wouldn't have wasted some of my life. I also didn't turned to God to help me either... but when I did He helped me see the light :)

I will get a blog link in little bit

Crystal said...

Oops, I guess I missed this!

That's what I get for being sick. :o(

The Rock Chick said...

Crystal: for you, my friend, never too late! I'll put you on...a little link love never hurts anybody!