Saturday, September 6, 2008

Into The Blue

As we entered the stadium, a roar unlike any I’ve heard in a long time (maybe ever), spilled from the crowd. Screaming and stomping their feet against the metal bleachers, the flock of fans celebrated their high school football team’s touchdown within the first 12 seconds of the game. Quite unusual for these boys in blue.

My kids’ high school (and JW and my alma mater) is definitely not known for it’s football team. Why? I have no idea, but I do know they have not won a game in over four years. This year, though, is supposed to be different. The quarterback is supposed to be of exceptional high school talent and the school finally has some experienced players with some physical size to them.

As we entered I noticed how much physically larger the football team looked this year, too. Maybe they are right. Maybe this is the year!

I’m not a mom to a football player, but to two Varsity cheerleaders. Unlike the football team they cheer for, the Varsity Cheerleading squad have placed in the top 10 for the last 12 years at Nationals nabbing the first place title on two occasions.
All three of my girls made the Varsity Cheerleading squad this year, but unfortunately, Middle Daughter’s eating disorder precludes her from that type of activity this year.

As the high school's Blue Demons football battle away to break their streak, Middle Daughter continues to battle her own demons. Her sapphire blue eyes weren’t blue last night, though. We sat in the stands and cheered, stomped, yelled and took pictures and she squealed when they announced that the school musical was going to be “Footloose”. I think that’s more her thing, anyway. A girl after my own heart.

This year, my beee-u-tee-ful oldest daughter, Ariana, was bestowed with the honor of Cheerleading Captain. No surprise to me! Ari is a leader, an organizer and one of those people who will catch you when you fall, figuratively and literally. She is true blue.

And my gor-geee-ous little daughter, Erica, made her high school cheerleading debut at this game. Erica is a flyer for the squad. Last night, the cheerleaders didn’t do anything that could be called “daring”. They don’t risk injury cheering at games and only perform the basic school cheers with some easy stunting. I’m certain that when I go see them in competition, I’ll be holding my breath 'til I'm blue as they toss her up in the air doing flips, twists, baskets and whatever other “mom mortifying” feats win cheerleading championships. Yikes.

I went to the game with the intent of getting some fabulous action shots of my girls, but I was asked politely by them to “not make it obvious” that I’m taking pictures. I guess when you’re a senior in high school, mom taking pictures of you is slightly embarrassing and could cause your face to turn red. We wouldn't want that to happen since we're sticking with the blue theme here so, I compromised and took some video instead. Here’s Ariana:

And Erica:

And here’s the team doing one of their basic cheer stunts. That’s Erica going up on the left.

My son will start soccer next week, too. He is a “three sport athlete” in soccer, wrestling and track. Last year, he made state in track and hopes for a repeat.

It’s a blue time in The Rock Chick Household, but not in a bad way. Cheering on the kids is fun and I like to scream. What can I say? It wipes away my blues like nothing else does.

Unless, of course, like last night, I get stuck sitting next to the Hysteria Lane resident crazy person, but that’s another story...


Sassy Mama Bear said...

beautiful ladies, I have to remember not to let the boys see when I read this blog or they might come running down there ;)
We had hoped to send the boys over to the game last night but the cost for the Varisty games was more than we could spare this week, I'll send them over for the next JV game which is across the street.

Dustin said...

For some reason your post reminded me of when I was in high school and how much I really just didn't care for sports, but how much I wished I'd had time to participate in our school plays/musicals. And I realized just now just how...not straight that

Anyway, sounds like you've got a busy family, but at least you're all having fun!

This Eclectic Life said...

You do have delightful daughters. I love to scream and cheer, too...even though I'm not a big sports fan. Something about crowd hysteria (so why did it bother you that your Hysteria Lane crazy person was near you...we want the scoop!)