Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rock The Casbah

I have to say I was always pretty certain that despite being a rock chick, I have never rocked the casbah. I didn’t even know what a casbah was until I looked it up just now. I was right. I haven't.

That doesn’t mean I can’t rock other things, though.

In my last post, I displayed my first attempt at wooden box making. Last night, I made another one.

Forget the casbah, I rock the band saw!

It’s nice, but too plain. I know some people dig plain and simple. Not me. I’m going to add some scroll saw designs around the main portion of the box. You know, rock it out a bit.

Maybe one day I’ll get so good that my bloggy buddy, Crystal, will feature my work in her Hey, That’s Homemade! series. Crystal makes fabulous and totally affordable jewelry. I recently ordered a custom piece from her for my daughter- a Cat Boot Necklace- and it came out awesome!

I’m working on making a scroll saw pattern of a Bon Jovi portrait for another box. How keeewl would that be? Nature scenes are beautiful, but so is Jovi :)

A little out there? Too bad. Sorry if we clash and I don’t care if The Sharif don’t like it. It’s my life. Errr, box.

Sorry. Got carried away there.


Sassy Mama Bear said...

Way to rock the bandsaw, who needs a casbah????
I am curious about the Bon Jovi design and will be interested to see it. ever feel like doing a fairy theme, let me know, I would be interested.

Jessica Morris said...

You are so cool. :)

I want a skill. Other than blowing noses and changing poopy diapers. lol

I want to see this Bon Jovi box! Sounds cool. And I want to see this one once you've designed it.

I love looking at homemade things. Crystal so definitely needs to feature you one day :)

Crystal said...

That would be cool to feature you. :D

Woodworking is a neat skill!

pjazzypar said...

Cool, You are getting to be really handy. You literally ROCK Chick!