Monday, June 9, 2008

Wishing I Was There

The Rock Chick is lonely.

My hubby, JW, went to Orlando to attend a conference for a week. Even with the four kids and the entire Varsity cheerleading squad in the house making t-shirts, it all seems too quiet and strange without him here. I miss him and I’m totally wishing I was there!

I know what you’re thinking...”Get a grip, crazy woman, it’s only a week!

Like my friend Lynette, I know there’s a lot of people who actually sigh a tiny bit of relief when their spouse has to travel. Her husband, Tom, is gone for three weeks on military duty and somehow she thinks of this time apart as a personal vacation or something. Not that she doesn’t like her spouse, but she really enjoys the little hiatus and the little extra freedom.

I’m not enjoying it at all.

I sat in front of the TV last night knowing that I could watch anything I wanted. No debating over what to watch on the big screen and the clicker was entirely mine! I scanned through a bunch of shows and realized that none of them were the same without JW making his faces when something really stupid is on the tube.

During CSI Miami, JW has to take frequent breaks out of fear his face might actually stick that way! He doesn’t even have to say anything. I can tell what he’s thinking just by the face.

Not only am I missing him, I’m missing his cooking dinner and his making sure there’s coffee ready for sipping immediately after dinner. I miss his remembering to feed the fish. I don’t have much success with things like plants or fish that don’t beg for food. Don’t worry, I set reminders to feed them. They won’t starve.

Yes, I’m missing him and all the little things and I admit it’s possible that I’m just a wee bit envious that when I open my door, I’m looking at the same old view of Hysteria Lane and The One Eyed Jack’s private (or not so) parts and he gets to see this!

Gorgeous, right? It’s magical. It’s wishing on stars. It’s Disney!

And me? Well, I spare you pics of The One Eyed Jack :), but Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It’s off to work I go. If you are wishing upon any stars, please be sure include “snap The Rock Chick out of her funk”.

Ohhhh, and while we’re wishing, stop on over to Damien’s blog and wish him a very happy 39th birthday, too.


PopArtDiva said...

I think I visit your blog to look at that picture of Bon Jovi. . . .

Thanks for stopping by my pop culture blog - I'll get another retro jingles quiz up so you and Pjazzy can duke it out, lol!

You need to take a picture of your husband at his most irritating moment and, when he goes off without you, put that picture up - you might not miss him quite so much, teehee.

Dustin said...

This might sound "un-macho" or maybe even "too macho" but it's refreshing to me that there are wives out there who actually miss their spouses when they have to travel for whatever reason.

It always seems that Crystal and I are in the minority when it comes to missing each other when I have to travel. I hear from other people the same thing you said about the "mini personal vacation" or whatever, but it's nice to know that when I am away, I am missed and I'm sure that your husband is glad to know that you miss him as well :-)

Crystal said...

I'm with ya, I totally get it. The only thing I enjoy about my "personal mini vacation" is the fact that I get a break from cooking.

Mine will be out of town soon and I'm not looking forward to it.

The Rock Chick said...

popart: that's one of my fave Bon Jovi pics ever! Looking forward to your quiz, although my hopes of beating pjazzy or malcolm at anything trivia related are quite slim!

dustin: thank you! I knew I wasn't alone. I'm counting down the days...ok hours til he comes home on Friday.

crystal: I knew you'd get it. You and I are a lot alike. See my hubby does all the cooking so we've been eating out since he left. I don't mind that too much though. I like to eat out once in a while.

Crystal said...

I wish we were alike in that my hubby did all the cooking too! LOL

That will never happen. ;o)

Jessica Morris said...

I get it too! Paul is gone a lot with work and I flat out miss him!
The "good" in him being gone is that I can't sleep so I'm usually quite productive in getting household chores or scrapbooking done.