Monday, April 21, 2008

New World Odor

Any car people out there?

I’m having an issue. My car stinks. No, not because it’s a Kia.

I mean it REALLY stinks!

All of a sudden, the inside of my van smells like the Easter Bunny might have binged on too many Cadbury Eggs, puked and and then crawled under a seat and died, oh, maybe a week ago.

I don’t see any animal corpses, nor does anything in the engine smell or appear to be leaking. It doesn’t get worse when the engine is on and it doesn’t smell like maple syrup or rotting eggs, which I know are warning signs that something is wrong with your car.

It smells like a blend of chocolate, vomit and death and it’s only inside the car. You can’t smell it from the outside.

I took everything out of the van and sniffed everywhere, unable to pinpoint any specific location of the odor. I wiped everything down with Windex and upholstery cleaner and left the windows and doors open to let the car air out in the spring breeze.

It still stank, so I let an odor neutralizing fog bomb off in my car. It worked like magic when a squirrel crawled into the hubby’s car engine and died.

Now my car kind of smells like a Valentine’s Day Massacre or something... flowers, chocolate, vomit and the morgue.

It’s really quite unpleasant. Do I need a mechanic or a detailer? Any ideas?

Other than sticking cigarette butts up my nose while I drive, of course.

1 comment:

Dustin said...

Well, that stinks (horrible pun intended).

Wish I had ANY suggestion for you, but, alas, I do not. I do however love the phrase "...smells like a Valentine's Day Massacre..." that sounds like something I'd say. LOL.