Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'll Be There For You

So, you all know I’ve been having a little trouble deciding on a name for my new cat. Well, not anymore!

After last night’s Bon Jovi concert, my new cat has now been officially named Jovi Sambora. Police terminology is nowhere near as exciting as what I witnessed last night.

We got there just in time to see Chris Daughtry. Daughtry has an incredible and very unique sounding voice, but I only like some of his music. Some of his tunes are a little too heavy metal sounding for me and I admit, I’m not a big fan of that genre.

Still, he certainly got us roaring and ready to go for the one-and-only Bon Jovi! Daughtry ended up doing a duet with Jovi on “Blaze Of Glory” and it was just captivating. Bravo!

I don’t know how Bon Jovi gets the energy to perform like that night after night, but each one of their concerts gets better than the last one. I think the 24,000 other people there would agree with me. It was such an experience to the ears and eyes it’s almost impossible to explain.

This concert was mix of some of his new songs from Lost Highway as well as a bunch of his golden oldies and was accompanied the entire time by an awesome light show along with some breathtaking video work. It was mesmerizing and I have never seen anything like that before.

During “Bad Medicine”, there were four girls...hologram girls, I guess I should say, almost as tall as the United Center seductively dancing around him. If you focused your eyes one way, you could see the dancing girls. If you refocused, you could see right through the girls to the audience on the other side of the arena.

Whoever does his lighting and video work totally rocks! I'm telling you, it was amazing!

One of the best surprises of the night came during “Bed of Roses”. The band was on stage and you could hear Jovi singing, but you couldn’t see him. All of a sudden a spotlight popped up in the audience.

Jovi was in the audience sitting next to some unsuspecting soul and singing away. He even slow danced with the woman next to him.

If that were me, I’d be like all these people passing out at Barack Obama rallies. There’s no doubt they’d have to scrape me up off of the floor. I would have melted right then and there.

Surrounded by a quartet of bodyguards, he continued to make his way to the opposite end of The United Center, shaking hands with everyone he could.

He got about 15 or so rows away from us and believe you me, if my shoes weren’t all Slippery When Wet, I would have Peter Panned myself right down there. Let me explain.

There was a trio of what I call “hoochie mamas” seated next to us who danced with beers in their hands. The beer kept spilling all over my pants and shoes, although, I guess I shouldn’t complain. The lady seated right in front of me kept getting beer dropped on her head. It could always be worse!

The whole show was just freakin’ fantastic! I have no other words for it, but the memory of it has me smiling from ear to ear!

Thanks again, Bon Jovi! Can’t wait ‘til next time! You know I’ll be there for you!


Jessica Morris said...

awww! sounds like a really good time!!
that's cool he got so close!!
I'm glad it was such a good time!

Damien Riley said...

LOL. Some guys actually like the hoochie mamas.

Sarah said...

I am so jealous. Bon Jovi and Daughtry, wow. Must have been one heck of a show.

To the commenter just above me (eh hmmm, Riley) Hoochie Mamas? Really? Is that so? lol

Crystal said...

You got a new cat? I guess I need to catch up here. lol

It sounds like you had fun! Sorry he didn't slow dance with you. Maye next time. :)

The Rock Chick said...

jessica: it was awesome! Although,how could anything Bon Jovi be anything but awesome, right?

Damien: I think you might have just inspired a Thursday Thirteen for me today :)

Sarah: the show was great! So tell me, was your husband able to duck the flying frying pan in time? It would be well-deserved from his comment above :)

Crystal: Yes, I got a Kitty! Jovi Sambora. He totally rocks!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

I am a Bonjovi girl too. Your post made me so excited..... We are going to the Atlanta show. We may just act like hoochie mamas.....

Karina said...

Sigh, I'm filled with envy right now...I've been trying for weeks to win tickets to the upcoming Bon Jovi/Daughtry show at Mohegan Sun...I'd actually alraedy made plans to hook up with a friend there before we found out the concert was that night, so we'll be stalking the casino looking for the bands if we can't win tickets (because of course, it's sold out). ;-)

Jen said...

I just saw them a few weeks ago in Toronto...and you'll hate me, but I got to touch Jon! He walked right in front of me, so I jumped down to the front row and touched his shoulder. I even got a little grin from him ~swoon~ They do rock live in concert...can't wait to see them again!