Friday, January 4, 2008

Smile For The Camera!

Even though I moan about how hard it is to shop for my daughters, apparently (according to my mother, anyway) I am even worse. This could be true. I might be willing to admit that.

My mom stopped shopping for Christmas presents for me long, long ago. Now she gives me a check all decorated up in a cute Christmas stocking and I can pick what I want. Fine with me!

This year when I took the kids on our annual “we are too hard to shop for” extravaganza, I looked at all kinds of things in the mall trying to decide what I wanted to get. Nothing was coming to mind until my sister pulled out her digital camera and started taking pictures of all the kids.

Ding! Ding! Ding! That’s what I needed! A digital camera I can carry in my purse! Never to miss a shot of the kids or a that fabulous Wordless Wednesday shot again!

I already have a beautiful digital camera, but it’s one of those bigger ones and I miss a lot of shots because it’s not something that I can easily carry around. I finally decided to go with this Casio Exilim.

It’s really thin, has a big screen and it fits into the smallest of camera cases. So far, I’m very happy with it and tonight I’m going to test it out for real!

I have to work this morning, but I promised Oldest Daughter I would drive her and a friend this afternoon to Wilmot, WI so they can do a little snowboarding. I’m not fond of cold weather activities at all and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in that area or not before, so my other three kids and I decided to do one of our adventures. Indoors. In a heated facility.

I love these adventures! We make no plans, unless we need a hotel room, of course. I don’t like plans, I like the feeling that we can do what we want and explore for a couple of hours. Once I went to Six Flags with all of the neighbors and Lynette argued with me because I wanted to go on a ride twice in a row. She wanted to be here by 12, there by 1, This show at 2. That show at 4. ICK!

Do we need to pencil in bathroom breaks on this supposed day of fun?

Egads! Go without the plan! When you keep your eyes open for different things, you’ll be amazed at what you see!

This won’t be a full weekend adventure, I will be back later tonight with some fun memories and hopefully, with a camera full of keepers!


FRIGGA said...

WhooHooo! Congrats on the new camera!! Have fun on your adventure, I'm looking forward to seeing the pics you take along the way :-)

Happy Friday!! :D

Damien said...

It's mighty purty. Lookin forward to seeing more cool pics.

m.o.M. said...

Happy clicking!

It's always much more fun to go with the flow than to be on a marching schedule!

Sarah said...

This is this camera I have. I love it! It is much better than the new one Damien got. Ha ha, we have to have his & hers cameras since we seem to clash on what we think is worth photographing :)

The Freelance Cynic said...

Yeah the whole having no plan thing is fun!
That's what I'm planning to do on my honeymoon.

JAM said...

Yeah, now you're gonna have to start posting more pics.

Cool camera. I love new stuff!