Friday, December 7, 2007

There Goes The NeighborHOOD

You know, just when I think I’ve heard absolutely EVERYTHING, I hear something else. It amazes me how that works.

Yesterday, my two high schoolers came home with a letter from the school saying that when the kids return to school from winter break, they will not be allowed to wear hoodies. Hoodies will be banned and anyone who wears them will be disciplined.

Banned hoodies? I’ve heard of banned books and banned music and I support a dress code that bans the visibility of boobs, butts and bellybuttons, but why would anyone want to ban a hoodie?

Reading on, it seems that they have a band of hoodlums in the school who think it’s just a riot to grab someone by the hoodie and knock them over backwards to the floor.

“Your child could be injured by wearing this article of clothing.” says the letter.

Really? It’s the hoodie that’s the danger in this situation? I’m thinking that even if everyone went to school naked, these hoodlums would still find something to do.

My child could not potentially be hurt by the hoodie, but by the hoodlum who might grab the back of the hoodie and knock my child over backwards to the floor, thereby hurting him/her.

You know what else hurts?

Getting kicked in the ass by my Catboots.

I think the letter should read:

Dear Parent,
Please tell your children that if they grab someone by the hoodie and knock them backwards to the floor, not only will we have them arrested for Battery, we will turn the Rock Chick and her Catboots on them. If your child thinks that the cot in a jail cell might be uncomfortable, just wait until he/she has to have a spiked heel removed.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.
The Principal

Who are these hoodlums and let me at ‘em!


Karina said...

Amen sister! It's posts like this that keep me coming back to your blog. Seriously! It's the "hoodlums" that should be banned, not the "hoodies"...ridiculous.

FRIGGA said...

I like your answer much better than the school's!

Jessica Morris said...

I totally think you should write a letter to the school saying just that! It is ridiculous that they want teens to not wear hoodies... isn't that like 3/4 of most teens winter wardrobe?!?!

Jenny McB said...

I don't know what my sons would wear for a winter coat...however, I do know that schools which use cameras for security don't allow hoodies b/c kids are identifiable.

So where are the teachers when the kids are passing in the halls? Can't they identify the idiots pulling on the hoods? I am with you on that one if that is truly the reason behind the no hoodies.

Qtpies7 said...

yep, your letter is definately better.

Crystal said...


I'm with Jessica M. Send the letter!

Kendra said...

yeah, no kidding... the kids need to be punished for that! i'm outraged and i have nothing to do with the situation!

Jessica Morris said...

i just saw this website ... - thought you might find it interesting :)

Marcia said...

A perfect letter. said...

Hilarious. I love how they blame the article of clothing and not the children. Seriously. Just wrong. We can't wear hoodies, belly shirts, low rise pants, short skirts, might as well just go to the school uniform. Man oh man.

carrie said...

Too cold for no hoodies...Send a letter to the school,

Dear School Authorities,

You are Dumb. Hoodies are not the problem, lack of discipline is the problem and YOU are in charge of that area. Please dispose of the hoodLUMS instead of the hoodIES and we'll all be just fine.


The Rock Chick

PS if you need some discipline help I have catboots and I know how to use them ;)

That's what you should send to the school...

Adelle said...

I so have to get me a pair of them catboots. lol So they can't wear hoodies, what about winter coats with hoods? Are they willing to fork out X number of dollars for every coat, hoodie that has to be replaced in our kids wardrobes?
Sigh...shaking head here.

Sassy Lucy said...

Oh, just another reason to add to my ever increasing list of reasons I homeschool...hoodies are dangerous now? Ridiculous, really stupid.