Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Talking Bout My Baby

It seems more members of the Spears’ family are craving tabloid attention today! The Pop Tart’s, (Britney Spears) look-a-like 16 year old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, has announced that she is pregnant.

Jamie Lynn stars on Zoey 101 on the Nickelodeon channel. I’m sure they are “over the moon” with the news.

And, if you didn’t already know, The Pop Tart’s mom, Lynne Spears, was due to have a parenting book released (no, I’m not kidding) in the spring. It was called “Pop Culture Mom: something-or-other", but, due to the recent news, the release has now been delayed by her publisher... indefinitely.

That’s too bad, I was looking forward to getting a few pointers!

Seriously, why would Mama Spears even think of writing a parenting book when there’s pictures like this of your daughter visible everywhere?

I always thought people wrote books about topics in which they actually possess some knowledge. I guess I’ve been wrong!

This opens a whole new world for me! Stay tuned for the release of my new smokin’ cookbook “What Do You Mean You Don’t Fry Sausage In Water?

It will feature some of my best recipes including "Grease Fire Bacon” and “Fire Extinguisher Broiled Steaks”.

Signed copies will be available to my regular readers at no extra charge.


Malcolm: said...
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Malcolm: said...

Thanks for commenting on my Jamie-Lynn Spears post and for alerting me of yours. I love the pic of Bald Brit going off on the auto.

When I heard a couple of months about about Lynne Spears' proposed book I was like, "Why?"... "What the hell are her qualifications?"

What's next, "The Guide to Living A Clean and Healthy Life" by Amy Winehouse?

Karina said...

And, never having been married, I'll write a book on how to have a successful marriage or something of the like. We could be rich!

Sassy Lucy said...

Sure sounds like a great book you'll be writing.
Seriously now the kidlet Spears is pregnant too, sisters are doing it together now.
They are so not worthy of attention, but I am glad the book is postponed....give her time I am sure Lynne will still try to write a book about her mothering skills.

pjazzypar said...

Mom needs to burn the manuscript immediately. That's a good one about Winehouse Malcolm. What about this one, Michael Vick's Cruelty Free Animal Habitat?

Anonymous said...

My 16yo daughter said to me this morning "it's so sad, she was doing so well. I thought she was gonna make it without following her idiotic sister's path."

I guess if you don't have an adult parenting you, chances are you will make bigger mistakes than the ones all teenagers make.

Damien said...

Yes, and I've got the title for the book!

Mama Spears:

"Good Parenting: If I Did it."

Di said...

I think Big Mama Spears is just holding off so she can work on her chapters on grandparenting.

The Rock Chick said...

malcolm: Love your Amy Winehouse title! I think you've given me a contest idea..."Books famous people shouldn't write"...what do you think? Maybe after New Year's i'll put it together!

karina: you should totally write that book! we could make a new website and sell them!!

sassy lucy: I agree, in the grand scheme of things, it's not attention worthy, but I appreciate the irony of Mama Spears writing a parenting book. I'm all about that!

pjazzypar: Great title!! I'm totally thinking this would make a fun contest now! Keep thinking!

vixensden: my daughters thought she'd be taking a different path, too. I totally agree. That's why I tell my kids that even though I am their friend, I'm not here to be that. I'm here to steer them in the right directions. Hopefully, I'll have continued success in that matter.

Damien: LOL! Ok, the contest is definitely a go! My readers are much too clever NOT to have a contest!!I wonder if OJ would mind if she borrowed the title?

di: amazing, right? although, I admit, I would have read her book. Just for the humor in it, I'm sure....

Crystal said...

Oh good grief! Someone tell me why I'm not surprised? The book though, that surprises me. Strange people.

Speaking of books, I just finished Bitter is the New Black, and loved it! Thanks for recommending it. Now I must get the sequel.

Malcolm: said...

I like your idea for a "Books famous people shouldn't write" contest. The possibilities are endless.

The Rock Chick said...

crystal: Oh good, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I actually liked her second book a little better so I'm sure you'll really like that one, too!

malcolm: YES! I think we're gonna have a go at this contest right after New Years!