Thursday, December 13, 2007

Need A Little Christmas (Thursday Thirteen #34)

Right this very minute!

The Rock Chick is officially tired. The last couple of weeks have involved a lot of work hours, running with the kids for school and activities and Christmas shopping. I was just thinking thank goodness it’s Thursday Thirteen (because that means it’s almost TGIF!) when I looked at my calendar for tomorrow.

No TGIF for me!YIKES!

Besides all the general running/work/school tomorrow, Middle Daughter has to cheer at a basketball game, which means I have to pick her up at around 11 PM tomorrow night.

Oldest Daughter is going to Wisconsin on a snowboarding trip and is expected to return to school at around 1 AM. Not sooooo bad since I am a bit of a night owl, but...

Little Daughter has a cheerleading competition and I have to have her at school, complete with hurricane withstanding competition hairdo at 4 AM! (did I ever mention how much I dislike cheerleading competitions?)

And then Oldest Daughter has to be at work at 8 AM. Fortunately, my son doesn't have anything scheduled to do in the middle of the night this weekend.

When am I supposed to sleep? Hmmmmm...not gonnna happen, I guess! The Rock Chick definitely needs a little Christmas. Christmas break, that is. One of my favorite times of the year. Two whole weeks of blissful free time!

Today is Thursday Thirteen...and here's mine...


1. Even though I still have to work, it will be nice to get an extra hour of sleep because I don’t have to drive carloads of kids to school every morning.

2. Not having to go/drive to practices, rehearsals, games and concerts. As much as I really do enjoy going to these things, the amount of time they consume every day is unbelievable.

3. I’m looking forward to our annual after Christmas shopping trip. I don’t even dare try to pick out clothes for three teenaged girls, which, of course, is what they want for Christmas. We take a day and go shopping after Christmas when everything is on a huge sale and they get way more for the money and we all get a day together!

4. We usually go over to Navy Pier for a day. They have a “Christmas Wonderland” set up and they have a gorgeous, twinkling skating rink set up inside.

5. Christmas cards! I love hanging the cards around my door frame and seeing everybody’s pictures!

6. We have a great sledding park right near my house and we’ll actually have a free hour or two to go there!

7. My kids always gets really cool board games from my sister as gifts and I love to play board games!

8. Everyone is coming over for Christmas and I’m anxious to see all of my nieces and nephews again!

9. On Christmas Eve we make this delicious punch that has been in my hubby’s family for years. It’s cognac and sugar soaked pineapples and their juice, wine and champagne and (OMG!) it’s delicious! It’s also 100% alcohol, so you can’t drink too much, but we always have enough left over to enjoy during the entire winter break.

10. Naps! Not having to be somewhere every 15 minutes means I can take a nap! I love napping. It’s a rare treat!

11. Driving around and being able to stop and look at people’s Christmas decorations. We have some beautifully decorated homes not too far away and I love to just go there and be able to take in the scenery for a minute.

12. I hope to be able to get a chance to see friends that I don’t get to see that often because we are all so busy all the time. No school, practices, rehearsals, games and concerts means a little free time to be able to do that, too!

13. And...doing absolutely nothing except sitting on the couch, cuddling with the hubby while sipping leftover Christmas punch and catching up on a DVR full of TV shows we haven’t had a chance to watch!

Ready when you are, Santa!


Samantha_K said...

My mom and I used to do #3. Much more the better. Yes.

And the punch sounds fantastic.
Happy TT (and a pre-emptive TGIF!)

Kat said...

I love getting Christmas cards and hanging them on the mantle of my fireplace! You sound like you need a couple of weeks of sleep! My #20 is up

Happy TT!

Malcolm: said...

In case you didn't already know, I am a firm believer in taking naps. If it were an Olympic competition, I might be a Gold medalist.

That punch sounds like it delivers quite a punch if you aren't careful. Sip some for me.

Enjoy your Christmas break... you deserve it.

mom huebert said...

Aww, that last one sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you're getting a much needed break.

Karina said...

I love Christmas time, and don't usually get much of a "break", but I still love the way things tend to slow down at this time (besides the retail world that is).

Sounds like you have all sorts of great plans for your break!

Laura said...

Good luck with doing nothing. :D

Jessica Morris said...

Ohhh - I love games too!! What games do you guys play??

I also love Christmas cards. It's really sad... so far we've gotten one. Just in case that's all we get (but why would it be?!?! I have friends. I promise!) I am not hanging it up. How embarrassing to have just one card hanging up!!

Vixen said...

I cannot wait for some time off. I don't get the entire week, but I do get one five day weekend and one four day weekend...I can't wait.

Do you suppose you could share that punch recipe with me? It sounds yummy.

Nicholas said...

Good list. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Jenny McB said...

Wow, that's a very busy Fridaynight/Saturday morning thing that your kids have planned for you.

The punch sounds decadent and delicious.

I hear you about the picking up and driving business, so glad that my junior drives and at least gets his brother to school.

One more week and then you get your break. Enjoy.

Damien said...

Great TT! You would get along better with my son and wife with board games though ... bleck!

Kendra said...

the christmas wonderland on navy pier IS spectacular. i saw it one new years eve that i spent in chicagoland.

you also MUST share this adult holiday drink recipe!!!!!