Friday, November 30, 2007

You're My Obsession

Who is? It's Jon Bon Jovi, sillies! I know you all are aware I’m a little obsessed with Bon Jovi. Not only is he supertalented, he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too and I just got some pretty goodlooking tickets to the upcoming Bon Jovi concert in February!

February is a long time away and patience has never been one of my best virtues,
especially regarding all things that look like, sound like or otherwise resemble Jon Bon Jovi.

The tickets would have been much more beautiful had I been able to remember my Ticketmaster password before my time ran out to actually purchase the first set I was offered. Oh well! I was excited. Excitement can make you do crazy things.

I have also decided that I absolutely need a Bon Jovi shirt, so I went peeking through the Bon Jovi site to see which one I want to buy.

I decided against the “Mrs. Bon Jovi” tee because there really is a Mrs. Bon Jovi and I don’t really want to marry him or anything. Jon Bon Jovi is my fantasy boyfriend. I just want him to sing songs to me and admire my charming personality from afar. That’s it. More like a secret admirer thing.

I thought this one was cute, but it doesn’t say Bon Jovi. I like to say “Bon Jovi” and while I do like Richie, David (who really needs a haircut by the way) and Tico, they are not Jon Bon Jovi, my imaginary boyfriend.

Then I saw this one with the new “Lost Highway” rearview mirror logo on it, but look at the boobs on this cartoon shirt! The people who wear this t-shirt are probably the same ones who could actually hold a glow stick in their cleavage at concerts. I don’t think this is the shirt for me, the human ET.

What I really want is this “Lost Highway” black hoodie! But, it’s $100! Yes, $100! You know I love Bon Jovi but during a recent interview he was telling everyone how unhandy he is around the house. Soooo unhandy, in fact, he claims he doesn’t even know how to change a light bulb. When the light bulb burns out, he just throws the whole lamp away. I love ya, Bon Jovi, but if you can afford to do that, you don’t need my $100 for a hoodie. I have to draw the line at our fantasy relationship somewhere.

So, I think I’m going to go with this sassy, red (and rhinestoned!) Have A Nice Day smiley face t-shirt. I know this one doesn't say "Bon Jovi" either, but it is more “me” and I already have the matching blinking button to go with it.

I also found the piece de resistance...a Jon Bon Jovi figurine! How awesome is this? A 6 3/4” replica of JBJ complete with a guitar and microphone! It even has the good hairdo! I talked myself out of buying it today, but I’m not even fooling myself. I know that soon enough I will succumb to the temptation to have a Bon Jovi statue on my headboard.

I sure hope the hubby doesn’t have a problem with that. I'm sure he won't. C'mon...who wouldn't want to wake up and see Bon Jovi every morning?

Just in case I better find out if they make Halle Berry dolls.


amanda rae said...

i won't lie, it he pretty beautiful. have fun at your concert!!


amanda rae said...

apparently i can't type, i meant to say "he is pretty beautiful"


Vixen said...

The hoodie is 'hawt' but not $100 bucks kinda hawt!

Try and be will be here soon enough (the figurine AND the concert, lol)

The Rock Chick said...

amanda: it's ok, I am fluent in typo :) Never a problem!

vixen: I agree. 100 is too much for a Bon Jovi hoodie. You know me too well. I actually was just going to order the figurine....LOL

Kendra said...

oh, a concert! how fun! hope you can wait that long! you may have to go see him in a different city in january just to tide yourself over! ;)

Malcolm: said...

$100 smackers for a hoodie... damn! The smiley face on the Have A Nice Day T-shirt reminds me of the Kool-Aid mascot... oh yeah!

Have fun at the Bon Jovi show!

Anonymous said...

This post is just great. $100 for a hoodie you wear 100 times is only one dollar, CPW (cost per wear). See how I rationalize my Red Sox apparel and my Chanel stuff??? :)

Jessica Morris said...

Do you Jon Bon Jovi stuff for Christmas from people? I would of imagined you'd own all his stuff from gifts from people!! :)

Jessica Morris said...

just realized I forgot the word *get* in there! oops!

mom huebert said...

(I'm catching up on your blog backwards, so this is an addendum to my comment about Hannah Montana)

um, I don't know who Jon Bon Jovi is, either. Am I missing out?

Anonymous said...


Oh my. I am obsessed as well, You are SO lucky to be seeing a Bon Jovi concert!! I would KILL for that.

that hoodie is pretty awesome, like, 100 bucks awesome.

Oh man. You get to see bon jovi LIVE! NOT FAIR!

Maybe I need to head over to the states sometime..

NJ in particular....

Oh yeh... And I have four goats called Jon, Richie, David & Tico

and 6 Alpacas called Tommy, Gina, Prayer, Faith, Crash and Jersey..

(all Bon Jovi reerences)

Best of luck for the concert you lucky thing!!

Anonymous said...

That guy is GAWJUSS!
and i luv the 'have a nice day t'


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