Thursday, September 13, 2007

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I've been suffering from a case of a terrible writer's block lately.

It's actually more of a total creativity block. I'm having trouble with blog entries (that's reason there's no Thursday Thirteen), making cool little Photoshop things and even coming up with an entry for Shelly's contest!

Yep!! Shelly is hosting a "Dear Abby" writing contest! All I had to do to enter was write a 50 word or less, humorous "Dear Abby" letter. This would normally be something "write" up my alley, but I can't even tell you how I struggled with it.

This is what I came up with. After looking at the other entries, I don't think it will make the final cut to win that cute necklace, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I told ya-I'm struggling here!

Dear Abby,

A greeting card company used my face and trademarked phrase on a card implying I was a waitress. My lawyer wants to sue because they stole my identity, but I’ve never been a waitress so I’m not sure that’s supposed to be me. What should I do?

The Heir Head

Not my best work, I admit it.

My blogging buddy, Damien, thinks that writer's block might just come from the fact that we concentrate so much on writing and not doing actually doing anything worthy of writing about. I don't think that's true in my case. I'm more of a selective blogger. A lot of things happen that I just choose not to blog about because they aren't RANTastic!

Anyway, Damien challenged me to write about 3 things that I like better than blogging. Here are the rules.

1. After your intro, copy/paste this line and the rules below it: The originator wants to see how far it goes so please keep his link intact:
2. Encourage people to post with the incentive of a link by including those who have passed it along here:
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3. Visit at least 3 on the list who’ve written and passed this meme. Leave them a comment.

Here goes. Honestly, I like a lot of things better than blogging.

The first would have to be spending time with my family and friends. I love company and spending summer nights in front of our fire pit drinking a few beers and laughing with everyone. I especially like hanging out with my kids, too, but they are teenagers now and don't really want to hang out with me all that much. Well, actually, I think they do, it's just not cool to admit it.

Another thing I like more than blogging is live music and dancing. All kinds of dancing are ok with my, but right now I'm on a belly dancing kick. I love listening to bands and going to concerts. Especially Bon Jovi and Big BahUna concerts. But, you already knew that, right?

And finally, better than blogging....TV. I love television and admit to pretty much being able to watch anything. The hubby is a bit more selective so I usually let him choose unless it's CSI: Miami, The Closer or LA Ink. They aren't on his list of favorites, but I can be pretty persuasive when I need to be :)

I'm going to pass this meme onto Jessica Morris, Kendra, and Harlekwin!

Finally, a blog post! I've also been tagged for memes by Jenny McB and Crystal and I will get to those next! Hopefully, some of my creativity will start to come back soon.


Damien said...

GREAT answers!!! All three make you and me birds of a feather!

Sarah said...

I LOVE live music, even though I have only been to a couple of live shows. I also LOVE live sports even though I am not much of a sports fan. Maybe I just love getting out of the house, ha ha ha.

Crystal said...

I hate writer's block. I get it with my blogging and my song writing. It's so frustrating!

I like tv too, though since I've become addicted to the internet, I watch a lot less tv!

The Rock Chick said...

Damien: Our answers were pretty similar! Thanks for starting this's a good one!

Sarah: I like to watch sports when my kids are playing! I have no idea what the rules are to any sports game, really, but I'm an excellent cheerleader :)

Crystal: It is frustrating! My internet addiction was interfering with TV until we got one of those Digital Video Recorders. Now we pretty much tape everything we want to watch and just watch it after the fact while zipping through the commericals. You can squeeze in an extra show a night without commercial time :)

This Eclectic Life said...

Dear Heir,
Apparently some people can’t get enough of being in a courtroom. Frivolous lawsuits are all the rage; that’s hot, so to speak. I know what you mean about people using your likeness, someone is using mine for a ridiculous writing contest. But, face it, any publicity is good publicity. Though you have never been a waitress, here is a little tip, “Go with the flow.” Speaking of Flo, you can borrow a line from that famous waitress and tell them, “Kiss my grits.” But first make sure the phrase isn’t trademarked.

Dear Abby

The Rock Chick said...

Shelly: LOL. I forgot about good old Flo! I think you might have found yourself an excellent part time job being a "Dear Abby". You could charge per letter :)

Harlekwin said...

Oh, good grief... I saw "Flo" and immediately thought of 'Aunt Flo' I guess that's what I get for just skimming the comments.

Thanks for the tag. Now, I have two to do.

I'm still looking for the hack I told you about. I thought I had it bookmarked...

Karina said...

Personally, I loved the Dear Abby letter!

Writer's block sucks. I suffered from a severe case of it for years, but blogging has actually helped to break it a bit.

By the way, I had a picture of your favorite rocker on my TT yesterday...just thought maybe some eye candy would help with inspiration?

Crystal said...

Ah yes. We got DVR a couple of months ago and I'm honestly not sure how we lived without it!

Kendra said...

i've finally posted my thursday three!

Harlekwin said...

Time sure flies when you're working All. The. Time! I finally completed this tag.