Saturday, September 29, 2007


Damien tagged me for this “My Desktop Free View” Meme.

I’m supposed to capture a screen shot of my desktop and I imagine it’s supposed to give someone a peek into my interests, secrets or projects I might be working on....or maybe the meme creator is just nosy and want to see what’s on everyone’s computer. I’m not sure.

Anyway, Damien’s desktop is loaded with all kinds of Wordpress theme plug-ins. (no big surprise there!) He is a wordpress FANatic!

My desktop? ....well, on my peaceful calming blue background sits a couple of folders. See for yourself.

And no, I didn’t clean it up ahead of time.

When I used a PC my desktop was littered with files and folders. Sometimes I had so many on there that there wasn’t even enough room to fit all the icons on the screen.
Since I’ve switched to the MACarena, the dance between computer and user has to be done a little differently.

I can no longer stand anything on my desktop. When you open a program like Photoshop on the Mac, it doesn’t take over the screen like it does on a PC. All you get is the toolbars you’ve chosen and the desktop is still clearly visible. I found that the clusters of icons really bothered me when I was trying to focus and create something, so now nada gets saved to my desktop. I put everything into folders and it always looks like I’m nice and neat and organized.

Que soy buena!

Right now the only folders are for my son’s homework project, some work I am doing on a friend’s website, the folder I keep everything in instead of on my desktop and the folder containing the beginnings of my 25th high school reunion that I am planning for next summer.

Kind of boring, right? For this meme...yep! Lo siento, mi amigo Damien!

I'm supposed to tag 5 people so I am going to tag Jessica Morris, Crystal, Kendra, Malcolm and Shelly, even though I know she's not all that fond of these kinds of tags :)

Don't feel obligated, just accept the link love if you'd like :)


Kendra said...

a tag? for me? =)

The Rock Chick said...

Yes Kendra...for YOU!!!! :)

Jessica Morris said...

cool... it's a pretty interesting meme!! I may have to clean up a little first ;)

I will get a pic of my laptop screen... right now I am on the desktop - thanks for the tag!

This Eclectic Life said...

I have to show you my screen???EEK. It's as crazy as the rest of my life...but. OK. Thanks for the link love.

Damien Riley said...

Clean! Too funny. Great response.

The Rock Chick said...

jessica: it is a pretty interesting meme. I'm sure more of my "personality" would have been divulged had I still been using my PC :)

shelly: of course it is! that's why I want to see it :) LOL

Damien: thanks for the tag! It was a fun post to write!

Kendra said...

i have followed through on the tag! ;)

Crystal said...

I played. A week late. ;)