Friday, August 10, 2007

I Got You, Babe!

Before Al Gore invented the internet, I used to wake up in the morning and sneak outside to grab the newspaper from the end of my driveway, hoping nobody saw me. I’m not like those soap opera characters who awaken with only a single strand of hair out of place and freshly applied lip gloss.

Now that the internet and particularly blogging are here, I no longer have to make mad driveway dashes. I can sit here, sip my coffee and read about anything that I choose.

One of my first stops every morning is to This Eclectic Life. This morning, Shelly had a wonderful post called Bloggers Are Like Fireflies. She says that bloggers just have to keep on blinking and “their kind” will come around.

Shelly is right. My mom always told us never to do things, wear things or think things in order to fit in with other people. She always said to stop chasing the popular crowd and instead stand still, say “this is me” and let the people come to you. That is how you will find your true friends, your “kind” and throughout my life, I’ve found many people who are “my kind” by doing this, Shelly included.

For the most part, my mom was right. This doesn’t work with people like Bon Jovi or Brangelina, though. You definitely have to go to them and wear some extra blinkers and even that doesn’t always work. I tried blinking at the Bon Jovi concert and ended up looking like E.T. The only thing I was going to attract with that look was spaceships.

It is kind of amazing how in this huge vast world of billions of people, most people do find others who are their kind. Here’s a perfect example. Right after reading Shelly's post, I saw this article and I think the coffee I was pleasantly sipping came out my nose. Yeah, not so pleasant.

Paris Hilton thinks that Nicole Richie will surely be the “best mom ever”. First, though, Nicole has to serve her jail sentence for DUI and beat that drug addiction.

I guess it could happen. Nicole Richie could be the best mom ever. No?

I agree....the answer is no, but it’s good they have found each other and are friends, I suppose. Although, it does make me wonder what exactly it is that these two dimwits use for “blinkers”.


janet said...

Got you covered on my site.. I hope, to get you to the A List! I don't get much traffic but I hope it will help you out. Will link to you in a post when I get caught up here.

FRIGGA said...

I just feel sorry for the baby.

Amy said...

You're on my site too! =)

I do love this idea of just being yourself... telling it how it is... and hoping that people will just like you anyways.

As far as Nicole is concerned, can anyone say "accident?"

Karina said...

Yeah, they are SOOO in love. Hollywood love is so much TRUEer than other love, don't you know? ;-) I do worry about that poor child though, he'll be hanging out with Brittney's kids on the cover of US magazine asking for help in no time.

By the way, I'm in the process of updating my blog look, and by the time it is all done, you will be on my blogroll!

The Rock Chick said...

Frigga: Thank you for the links! I really appreciate it! I feel sick for that poor baby. Thank goodness they have the money to hire nannies.

Amy: thank you, too! I'm sure it was an accident, but they are "sooooooo in love" that it's ok :)

karina: It's true, isn't it...celebs can never be just happy, they are always "over the moon" or something like that. Thank you, too for the link!!! :)

Harlekwin said...

When Larry King asked Ms. Hilton what her favorite passage from the Bible was, given her new found, Jail House conversion, she looked at him blankly and replied..."I, um, like, don't have one. *giggle*"

As for Ms. Ritchie, that poor baby.

The Rock Chick said...

harlekwin: Oh, I MISSED that! That had to be hysterical. I know they are both spoiled, irriesponsible dimwits, but oh boy, I think they are funny. I've said it before, thank goodness they are wealthy enough to hire nannies, because I can't even imagine Nicole being responsible for the care of a baby.

This Eclectic Life said...

I think I like your Mom. She sounds like a pretty sharp cookie. Paris and Nicole have replaced the need for blond jokes...except I bet they aren't really blond.

The Rock Chick said...

Shelly: My mom is a sharp cookie! I don't know, I think Paris might really be a blonde....Nicole, no way!

Crystal said...

Good advice from your mom. Wish I would have done that earlier in life.

*gag* about Nicole being pregnant... and meanwhile, people who would be excellent parents aren't even given a chance.