Friday, August 3, 2007

Hip To Be Square (2)

I posted a while back about my friend Shelly @ This Eclectic Life. She is as busy as busy can be with her Share A Square Project, but she still needs some help.

Yes, she does and YOU can help her!

What is Share A Square, you ask? Well, Shelly had this FANtastic idea to have different people contribute crocheted squares to be assembled into afghans and given to the children attending Camp Sanguinity in TX. For nearly 25 years now, Camp Sanguinity has given children being treated for cancer and blood disorders a true summer camp experience! You can read all about Shelly's project, here.

Now that you know what Shelly is doing, I'm going to tell you what she needs! She needs you, you family, your friends-anybody you know-to crochet some squares and send them to her. She is hoping to make each afghan with squares from 48 different people so that the love from as many people as possible goes into each afghan!

Right now Shelly has about 1400 squares which means she has about 5300 to go to make an afghan for each child at the camp. But, remember, each one of the 48 squares used in a single afghan has to come from a different person.

So....if you crochet or know someone who does, get busy and send Shelly a square or two! Or five! If you get to five, please send them onto Shelly so she can keep her volunteering angels busy assembling the afghans! Then you can make some more :)

Remember, it's hip to be square :) Huey told me so!

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katherine. said...

hmmm...may need to solicit a square or two....