Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dancing In The Dark

You all know I like irony. A lot. I generally enjoy it more when it’s slightly more subtle than what happened this weekend, though.

Earlier this week, I snapped a photograph that I used for my Wordless Wednesday and I entitled the post “I Saw The Light”. That day, I did see light. The very next day, though, we were hit with a storm unlike any I have seen in years and it left me literally in the dark for four days.

Thursday afternoon, the weatherman broke into the regularly scheduled TV programming to warn people to take cover just as I was leaving to pick up my kids from the high school. It still looked pretty nice outside but by the time I drove the 2.5 miles to the school, all hell had broken loose. It was pouring buckets and trees being uprooted and falling all over the place. The wind was fierce and incredible. I didn’t see any tornadic activity and I don’t know exactly what kind of storm this was, but it was bad.

Between the instant street flooding, trees down and live power wires laying in streets, we were constantly detoured and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get back home from the high school. When I did finally get home, my neighborhood looked like this.

Thursday night, we were hit pretty badly again causing the streets to flood. I was the only one on the block who didn’t take water in the house. Totally weird, because I had water up my front lawn almost to the front doors, but I really believe that the someone watching from above probably knew that The Rock Chick would go off the deep end if that happened.

Right before the second storm the sky turned pink with black clouds. It was really a sight.

We were fortunate, I had no damage to my home other than to my patio furniture. School was canceled on Friday and the power company said to expect to be out for days. By Friday evening, dancing in the dark was getting old. Getting even older was listening to the whining of four teenagers without lights, TV or MySpace, so the hubby and I decided to pack up and head over to my new favorite “run away for the weekend” spot, The Coco Key Water Resort inside a Sheraton hotel not too far from my house. They had power and were in full operation so we stayed two nights there and enjoyed their electricity, 60,000 square feet of lazy rivers, water slides, hot tubs and some delicious (albeit expensive-$10.00!) frozen drink called a Beachcomber. It was quite good, mixing the juices of papaya, mango and guava with rum and some other alcohol. I can’t remember. Come to think of it, after one of those, I don’t think I could remember too much of anything.

We came back today and shortly thereafter our lights came on and the cable TV and internet were back on shortly after that. I spent the afternoon throwing out everything in the fridge and freezer. It was hard to determine which items actually smelled worse than any other, so everything got dumped and off to the grocery store I went to replace it all. Needless to say, it was an expensive weekend.

I am back, though, all is ok and I will get busy with the final raffle list for Shelly’s raffle and catch up on everybody’s recent posts, too!


Jenny McB said...

Was wondering where you were, glad to hear you didn't have too much damage. I am so impressed with your quick thinking on where to go...wonder if my hubby would have gone along with that one. I can't even imagine your ride home!

Speaking of which, we could have gone to Chicago this coming weekend free, freaking free and he says no b/c it's the first football game for my son. The son who may not play this week due to a groin injury..Did you hear me scream??

Sarah said...

Wow, you were so descriptive in this post I could clearly imagine how much it sucked (for lack of a better word). I can't imagine going four days with no electricity, the longest I have ever gone is something like 6 hours and man was I ticked off. Good Luck getting everything back to the norm and catching up.

Catherine said...

wow, what a mess. glad you all are ok!

This Eclectic Life said...

I have worried about you all weekend. I know it was an expensive one for you, but I'm just glad you are safe!

The Rock Chick said...

Jenny: That hotel is probably one of the only places everybody in the family actually really likes! I was glad they had power. Free weekend in Chicago? Where is that? I want to go, too! LOL

sarah: well, I made it like 24 hours and then it was off to the hotel. I'm not good at roughing it. I'd be a terrible camper :)

catherine: thanks!

Shelly: awww, thank you. I didn't bring my laptop to the hotel because I didn't want the kids fighting over who gets to "MySpace". We are all good!

Vixen said...

So glad you and yours are all okay. Hotel was a great idea!

Harlekwin said...

Like several others, I've been checking in most of the weekend to find out if you were okay! Sounds like you had a spontaneous getaway thanks to Mother Nature and one fast thinking husband.

It's good to know everything and everyone came through the storm unscathed... well, except for your pocketbook. I can't imagine replacing all the food in the fridge for a family of six! Yikes!!

Malcolm: said...

I too was wondering what had happened to you... welcome back! A tornado hit in the Fenton area on Friday evening around 5. As a result, I was w/o power until Saturday afternoon. When I left to do my radio show, the power was still out...but was restored once I got home around 8. On Saturday morning, I went to the store to get some non-perishable food and some ice so that I could put the items in my fridge/freezer in a cooler.

I joked on my show that during the power outage I felt like I was on Little House on the Prairie. One big difference was that at least when I went to the store on Saturday morning, I didn't have to use a horse and buggy to get there.

Karina said...

I was wondering and worried when there was no Rock Chick Thursday 13, so I'm glad to hear all is well in your world.

I don't know how you even made it 24 hours I always say, rouging it for me is a hotel without a jaccuzzi! ;-)

The Rock Chick said...

vixen: a hotel is a good idea...rain or shine :)

harlekwin: fortunately, I do most of my grocery shopping on Saturday and by Thursday night, the pickings are well on the getting slim side, but losing all the frozen stuff wasn't fun. yikes is right!! the weekend was expensive, but the hotel and water park were so much fun, it was worth it!

malcom: the extended power outage had me thinking little house on the prairie, too! I was wondering how the heck people lived without electricity, refrigerators and blow dryers...I think we've just become so dependent, we can't imagine being without them. I remember watching TV on a 13" black and white set that only got like 7 channels and two of the 7 didn't really have great reception. I pulled out my battery operated black and white TV and my kids were like OMG this is how you LIVED? Yeah, well, we didn't know any better, right?

karina: oh, I'm a big fan of the hot tub/jacuzzi, too!! The one at this hotel is REALLY nice because it's probably a little too hot and most people jump right back out. More room for the rock chick!! LOL

Damien Riley said...

Very cool pictures!!! You are gonna be glad you have those archived for storytelling at parties by a computer ;)

Michael C said...

I'm glad everything turned out. It could have been so much worse!

Crystal said...

Oh wow, I'm so glad you and your family are all okay. What a crazy thing to go home to that!

Kendra said...

glad you guys were safe! i'd been wondering why you weren't posting and then shelly mentioned it on her blog. it's nice to have you back in the world of blogging! you were missed!! :)

amanda rae said...

ugh. we had a major storm at my house too! i was left without power thursday evening til saturday morning. such an inconvenience!!!

JAM said...

Those sudden, heavy storms like that are scary. Amazing what damage they can do.

That's cool though that y'all spent some time in a nice hotel with things to do. Just staying in a hotel is a big deal for us, we rarely do it.

Moanna said...

Awesome pictures, especially the pink sky one. I was out of electricity last summer twice, once for four days and another for five days. There's no way to describe the smell of a freezer after four days. Yuckies.

BTW, I linked to your blog but not via Technorati so it didn't help you. Sorry about the mistake.