Saturday, July 28, 2007

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Blogathon 32)

Jessica and Judah Morris made a music video for their guest blog appearance!!! Judah is rockin' and Jessica is singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" (which just might be THE best demonstration as to why children need music lessons after all!). I'm just teasing! Jessica knows how much I love her!!

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COMING UP NEXT: AN HOUR OF TRIVIA QUESTIONS! Be sure to play along. The first correct answer in the comment section gets a raffle ticket for tonight's drawing!!!!


Tina said...

Adorable. :)


Jessica Morris said...

Yay! That is MY cute baby and MY wonderful voice on your blog!! =) I know you'd buy me if I had a cd out!

The Rock Chick said...

It IS your adorable baby and you know, I'd even buy 2 of your CDs!!!!

JAM said...

That was world-class cute. He tried to sing a bit, but I think he was entranced by the camera there.