Saturday, July 28, 2007

Q and A #9 (Blogathon 67)

Shelly over @ This Eclectic Life, one of the best blogs the internet has ever seen, has a very interesting question for me!

Shelly's question: If a Rock Chick is drinking at a bar, what drink does she order that makes her look cool? What drink should one NOT order if one wishes to look cool?

My answer is...It’s not the drink that makes you look cool, coolness comes from within. There have been many times that I have been asked what exactly is in the mysterious red beverage that I drink at gigs and the answer is always the same...100 % Cranberry juice. Seriously. I do not drink and drive.

People just assume it’s something fascinating because I am The Rock Chick.

I haven’t given much thought to coolness and beverage decisions, but I probably would think that ordering something like prune juice might be a little geeky, perhaps :)


katherine. said...

and when the Rock Chick doesn't have to drive...?

The Rock Chick said...

Well, then I might have tequila or a beer. I am a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol. I rarely drink unless I am in my own house...