Saturday, July 28, 2007

Q and A #6 (Blogathon 42)

Jessica Morris knows my fascination with Bon Jovi. I think she might have misunderstood my intentions with him, though.

She asked if I had Bon Jovi's child, what would I name it?

See, you’re going to be surprised at this, but I don’t want to have Bon Jovi’s baby because I have no desire to actually sleep with him and babies turn into teenagers eventually and I already have enough of those.

I just want to touch his hair. Is that weird?

How about Tovi Bon Jovi?

COMING UP NEXT: A guest blog entry by JAM!

1 comment:

Jessica Morris said...

Haha - I didn't think you wanted to sleep with him!! This is the product of trying to type while nursing a baby... I type as few words as possible! =)

I just wanted to know what first name you would create with his last name, because, well, you're rather creative =)

I'd love to hear a mother scream "Tovi Bon Jovi - get inside, it's supper time" from her front door - the name is a tongue twister!