Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pick Up Lines

Yesterday started just as any other day. I worked a few hours, cleaned the house, did 47,00 loads of laundry and spent a great deal of time searching area stores for guitar picks for my daughter. They are harder to find than you’d think and I didn’t have time to go to the actual guitar store to get some. I stopped at a local second hand store because they sell guitars there and the guy had one single pick, but it wasn’t for sale. I smiled at him and he gave it to me. Whatever works!

During dinner, I got the idea to stake out Bon Jovi for a sighting. I realized a long time ago that Bon Jovi just doesn’t know that he was born to be my baby. He isn’t going to come to me. I have to go to him.

Paris and Nicole (my two kids that didn’t think I was completely insane) agreed to go with me. We packed up the car with some water, binoculars and a laptop and off we went, not knowing what to expect. I was rather surprised to see only like 8 people (all 40 year old women, by the way) standing outside the studios. It’s Bon Jovi for heaven’s sake! I actually could park on the street right in front of the studio and we joined the “stand here like fools to catch a glimpse of Bon Jovi” club.

There were security guards out front from Bon Jovi himself, as well as those from the TV station. They were very nice guys and actually told us they were getting word that the studio might not be full and they may even be able to get us in for the taping! Woo Hoo! They really shouldn't tease me like that. I was a little disappointed when that didn't happen.

When I frowned, the rather large Bon Jovi security guard turned to me, smiled and said “You look familiar to me. Have we met before? Are you waiting for someone?” (ummm, YEAH! Bon Jovi!) That dude really needs a new pick-up line.

I’m sure we hadn’t met before, and I’m really not flirtatious, but smiling worked with the guitar pick guy earlier and hey, it’s Bon Jovi for heaven’s sake!

I told him that I was the ET impersonating woman at Summerfest who couldn’t hold a glowstick in her cleavage and I winked. He laughed and said that we seemed “normal” (compared to who, I don’t know) and he would let us sit behind a fence in the back of the studios which was right outside the door where Bon Jovi, et al, would be exiting the building! YOWSA! I was going to get a glimpse of JON BON JOVI!

He didn’t tell us that until that happened, we’d be sitting on woodchips for three hours (ouch!), but whatever...it’s Bon Jovi!
So, Paris, Nicole, my 8 new friends (one of whom had no less than 50 pictures of Bon Jovi in her wallet) and I sat crouched on wood chips behind this fence. While pulling splinters out of our butts, we could hear the taping of the show and it was like being at a concert, except we couldn’t see anything. That super-cool security guard even brought us vitamin water, potato chips and a copy of the setlist!

Patiently and quietly, we waited. The concert was over and the Bon Jovi people starting bringing out all of Bon Jovi’s stuff. And I thought Paris and Nicole were high maintenance. You should have seen the racks of clothes these guys brought out for a 2 hour taping!

Anyway, here is a picture of Bon Jovi’s stuff! Yes! It really is Bon Jovi’s stuff!

Soon after that, Tico Torres, Hugh McDonald and Lorenza Ponce came out. They weren’t in a big hurry to enter their runaway van but, they wouldn’t come to the fence, either. They waved, put some stuff in the van and off they went! Here there are!

We waited a quite a while longer and then had started to turn off some of the lights to the back of the studio lot. It was dark. It was very dark. Next thing I know, a woman started screaming “RICHIE!”. There he was... Richie Sambora! He waved really quickly and ran into the van before my camera could adjust to the darkness.

And then, a split second later......walking out the door even closer than where the others came out, not 15 feet away from me, was JON BON JOVI!!!

I had been checking and double checking my camera for 3 hours and when I saw him, I became totally starstruck and did not snap even one picture. I just stared not even believing what I was seeing! He waved, thanked us for our friendship and jumped into the van.

Of course, I LOVE Bon Jovi and I know he’s a very busy guy but, now really, is that anyway to treat your friends? Especially ones that are willing to sit on woodchips for three hours just to get a glimpse of you?

Now that I’ve said that out loud, I can totally understand why he waved and jumped into the van. I’d probably be a little hesitant to meet me, too, under those circumstances.

I snapped a picture before they closed the van door, but it was very dark and you’re just going to have to trust me, this IS Bon Jovi.

The vans pulled away and it was over. I was on cloud nine. 15 feet from BON JOVI! It was amazing. One day I will get close enough to touch him. Yes, I will.

The security guard came to the fence right when the vans pulled away and said “I’ve got something else for you guys”. Something else? He already gave us this prime Bon Jovi woodchip seating, vitamin water, potato chips and a setlist! What else could he give us?

I almost fell over laughing when he handed me a bag full of guitar picks with the Bon Jovi logo on them. Seriously! I just love when things like that happen!

Today Bon Jovi is filming a video here in Chicago somewhere, but the location remains a mystery. I am using every connection I’ve ever made in my life (which is not many, believe me) to see if I can find out where it is so I can continue with the stake out. I’m not hopeful I will find out where it is, but I will keep the faith.

And...as requested by "anonymous" (so incognito!) here is a picture of the setlist, my viatmin water and a few Bon Jovi guitar picks, you know, just to dress up the photo a bit :)


Sparky Duck said...

Ok, so I won't tell you that I met Tico Torres at my local Cumberland farms in NJ. I believe the waving dude is him

The Rock Chick said...

You met him? How cool!!! I like Tico, of course, but you know who I was there to see!!

Anonymous said...

Could you possibly post the setlist? Pretty please? :D

The Rock Chick said...

I imagine that I could, my anonymous friend :) Are you going to reveal your identity?

JS said...

Haha, sorry about that, it's just easier to check 'Anonymous' than type out a name. You don't know me though, just stumbled across this blog through google blog search :) Thanks a lot for the setlist!

The Rock Chick said...

You're very welcome, JS :) Hope you come back soon!

This Eclectic Life said...

How totally cool (except for woodchips in your butt). I'm so glad you got to see your hero. I'll believe you when you say that is bon jovi, because this is the internet (and I believe everything I read on the internet).

Fund story.

The Rock Chick said...

Shelly: I assure you that is Bon Jovi! There's very few people for whom I wold endure three hours of sitting on woodchips. This was good practice--now when the day comes that I get to meet him for real, I won't be so "starstruck"!

Anonymous said...

OK, so, um, you didn't really name your kids Paris and Nicole...did you??

The Rock Chick said...

Anonymous: Oh, NO!! Those are just my pet names for my little dingbat divas :)

Jessica Morris said...

haha - greatest comments ever!! :) I love Shelly's "I believe everything I read on the internet" :)

How super cool you got to see him - and what a great security guy to give you that stuff!!

The Rock Chick said...

Jessica: I know!!! You'd think they'd be tired of 40 year old women willing to withstand woodchips for a peek at Bon Jovi, but...no!

Ah, it probably just gives them something to laugh about over a beer after the show :)

katherine. said...

so verrrrry happy for you. smile.

Kendra said...

wow, what a night for you! which was happier... your wedding OR seeing bon jovi?? ;)

Michael C said...

Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad your patience was rewarded ;)

Damien said...

Girl you got it bad!!!!

Glad you got your photos! Now as for me, if Dylan walked by????? I'd be taking pictures of his boot prints!

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is the very first time I am leave a comment in a blog, but need to say thank you for your funny review - I did enjoy reading this!
Aliceblue_eyes (and Tico Torres admirer)

Scott said...

Who is bonjovi? ;-)

The Rock Chick said...

katherine: smiling right back at ya!

kendra: OHHHH, no doubt my wedding. I only have a crush on Bon Jovi---the hubby is the REAL thing! Wouldn't even trade him in for Bon Jovi! :)

michael c: thank you! Me too! I would have been really bummed if I had sat on woodchips for nothing!

damien: I do have it bad. Hopefully, he will leave Chicago soon and I can return to regular life :)

AliceBlueEyes: Well, thank you! I like Tico, too! I think I'd probably like him a lot more than I do if Bon Jovi wasn't always standing in front of him :)

Scott: He's the modern day hunka hunka burnin' love!

SusieJ said...

You are sooooo cool.

The Rock Chick said...

Oh, SusieJ, thank you! I try my best :)

Crystal said...

Love the guitar picks!

Glad you got your sighting. :)

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