Sunday, April 22, 2007


Since everyone knows that my superfascination with supermarket tabloid supercelebrities is some sort of superficial desire on my part to be one of them, it should be no surprise that I am in search of supermodel type superstardom by entering blogging contests.

I’m thinking this supersedes the previous millennium’s superhighway to fame by sleeping with the casting director.

Because, you know, that’s kind of gross.

I found exactly the one I was looking for at This Eclectic Life! Shelly is sponsoring a “This Blows My Dress Up Contest” for blog writers whose main purpose is to cleverly gust up a big dose of giggles. Since there’s no better “Dress Blower-Upper” than Marilyn Monroe herself, you can see how I was all supercharged by her contest. I had to enter.

If you’re looking for a great blog to add to your “must reads”, check out This Eclectic Life. No need for superfluous descriptions here. One word and one word only describes her blog and style. Superb.

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