Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Humps

Little Daughter is celebrating her 13th birthday today. Saturday night she is having 18 of her closest friends over (I’m really looking forward to that! uh huh....) for pizza and a bonfire in the yard.

Little Daughter never mentioned actual invitations, so here it being four days before the event, I thought she was going to just ask everyone to come over. Last night, though, she decided that wouldn’t be acceptable. Little Daughter is a bit of a diva and regular old paper invitations just don’t quite cut it with her. So, we ran from dollar store to dollar store in search of tiaras and then we designed star shaped invitations in the hottest pink color I have ever seen (I’m still seeing spots) and hand tied them to the tiaras. (Did I mention she is her mother’s daughter?)

There is nothing quite like a tiara, even if it is made out of shiny plastic.

As I spilled the bags of dollar store goodies onto the table, my husband, prophetically said, “What are you gonna to do with all that junk?”

Sigh...Men. They will never understand the power of glitter.

The invitation assembly took much longer than I hoped (it always does) and at midnight last night I was still up to my elbows in glue sticks and fake gemstones. I was whining to the hubby about all the stuff I still had to do this week at work and he said, “Yeah, but at least tomorrow is Hump Day”.

Hump Day? Is this another one of those days I’m supposed to be celebrating? The hubby gets a kick out of my blog and I recently wrote a post about this very subject.

I looked at him and really thought he had made it up in an attempt to coax me into some, you know, nookie. I don’t have a whole lotta “junk in my trunk”, but secretly, I do an excellent Fergie imitation of that song. I save the “My Humps” performances for special occasions, which I figure, would now have to be every Wednesday. The hubby didn’t argue with this, but it did make him laugh.

I know what you’re thinking. It's always the quiet ones. Clear your mind of the Fergie dance thing and let’s move on to the second thing you are thinking, which is...

How could she have lived all this time on Planet Earth without hearing the phrase “Hump Day”? After I looked it up (yes, I did!), I am left wondering the same thing. Learn something new every day, I guess. The hubby didn’t give me the nickname “Dingy” for nothing.

At Little Daughter’s third birthday party, I decided to have a piñata. I bought one, hung it and we all cheered in delight every time someone hit it. Until it broke and absolutely nothing fell out. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it never occurred to me that I was responsible for actually putting the treats in the piñata. Like I said.....dingy.

Little Daughter inherited my dinginess. I won’t embarrass her by writing any stories here, but in her Easter basket, she found a t-shirt from me that says “Chewing Gum Is Harder Than It Looks”.

Did I say she is her mother’s daughter?

Happy 13th to Little Daughter and of course, Happy Hump Day to all. I hope I made, made, made, made, made you smile :)


Dana said...

My daughter turns 13 in June. I am so hoping that she doesn't want to invite 13 friends over. You are one brave soul.

Jessica Morris said...

what a hoot!! no candy in the pinata!!! did the kids laugh or cry???