Monday, February 26, 2007

There's No Business Like Show Business

Hooray for Hollywood! I loved The Academy Awards last night. Truth be told, I usually like the red carpet coverage with Joan Rivers better than the award ceremony, but I thought both were good last night. Joan Rivers makes me giggle. She is incredibly “politically incorrect”, but something in her personality allows her to pull it off and still be likeable. Her daughter, Melissa, didn’t inherit that same quality. When she speaks sounds downright vulgar.

I thought Ellen DeGeneres was perfect as the host. I don’t get to see her show all that often, but I am a big fan and I wasn’t disappointed except for her wardrobe. I know she prefers a certain style of clothing and that’s fine, but everything she wore looked a little dumpy, underdressed and ill-fitting last night.

My superstars came out in full force last night. Overall, everyone looked really nice. I have to give special wows to Beyonce and Reese Witherspoon. WOW. They looked spectacular and classy.

My only outfit disappointment was Jennifer Lopez. I think J.Lo is one of the most physically attractive people on this planet, but that outfit last night...I just don’t know. To me, that looked like a gladiator costume or something. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t J.Lo. Noticeably absent from Hollywood’s biggest night of the year were the fashionistas Brad and Angelina and Halle Berry. I was kind of surprised since Brad had a starring role in Babel. A while back the tabloids reported that Halle Berry was pregnant and more recently, that Angelina lost her mother who she was very close to. I certainly hope that everything is ok with all of them.

My Oscar disappointment was Will Smith. I really wanted him to win. I think he just has fabulous talent and is an all around good guy. His wife, Jada Pinkett, wore a stunning gold dress and said that even if Will didn’t win, he was going home with a gold statue. He was going home with way better than a gold statue. He has a beautiful, talented family and they obviously love and take pride in each other very much. It is very refreshing to see. Don’t worry, Will, you’ll have one of those statues soon enough!

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