Saturday, February 24, 2007


If there really is such a thing as temporary insanity, I caught it this week. I spent the entire week being anxious cranky and telling everyone off. Years ago, I would have chalked it up to PMS, but since I became surgically menopaused, my hormone levels remain consistent due to a daily pill made from the urine of a pregnant mare. Since every craziness deserves a good three letter abbreviation, I’m going to call what I have SOS. Sick of-yer Shit.

Some probably didn’t deserve my lashing; others, like J.Ho absolutely did. My mistake with The Ho was thinking I cut her off at the knees a long time ago. I didn’t really think it would bother her too much since that’s where she spends most of her time anyway (not praying, that’s for sure). I was wrong. She is somehow managing to crawl back.

Since I can’t seem to rid myself of her and I can’t stoop to her level right now because of my TMJ, I’m going to have to take the high road and create something positive, albeit a little nasty, out of my experiences with her. (Hey, I can only work with what I’m given.)

My new creation will be announced here shortly. so please stay tuned. Same Cat time....same Cat channel.

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MarillaAnne said...

Girl all I can say is hang in there ... winter doesn't last forever ... insane people can but winter doesn't ... so at least some of your pain will ease up ...

In the mean time uh er ... move all the lights to your bedroom ... give them all spring colored lampshades ... get two space heaters ... crank 'em up. Put on your sunglasses ... the ones with the light blue lenses ... and your favorite shorts outfit or swimsuit ...

OH and take in with you your favorite iced summer drink.

Pull out your favorite summer bedspread, put it on your bed, put the Beachboys in your MP3 player or CD player or Whatever music machine ...

Lounge around reading a book or drawing or diddling or whatever ... until you break a sweat.

And enjoy a moment of summer.

Repeat often.


have fun,