Sunday, February 18, 2007

OOPS! She did it again!

One of my favorite tabloid stars, The Pop Tart, is in real trouble. It seems that a weepy Britney Spears walked into a salon and shaved her head after checking herself out of rehab after 24 hours. When a photographer asked her why she did this, Pop Tart replied “Because of you.” What?

I know people have a problem with the tabloids, but Britney’s musical career has been over for so many years that her career now IS being a tabloid tart. If she wasn’t out and about behaving so badly, no one would really care about what she, K-Fed (FedEx) or her friend, The Heir Head Paris Hilton does. Britney is now a headline, not a headliner.

I don’t even know Britney and I can see in her eyes she has reached the bottom of the rock. She’s probably even under the rock. Mrs. Spears, K-Fed, Heir Head, please....get her some underpants, give her a hug and drive her back to rehab.


Jessica Morris said...

Seriously?! That's her!?! Lol... wow

Sophisticated Writer said...

OMG! LOL I totally agree with you. She's under the rock. Way under it.

I never really liked her. She tries too hard. And her choice of a husband...Yuck.

I just pity her babies.