Monday, February 12, 2007

Apple Of My Eye

On Friday my new computer arrived. I was very brave and took the plunge from PC to Mac and I am loving! WOW! I splurged a little (ok, a lot) and got the 24” iMac. I have some expensive software for Windows that I didn’t want to re-buy, so yesterday we fixed it up to run both OS X and Windows. It’s super fabulous!


Uisce said...

hey just like mine! only mine is only 20" and it's a G5. congrats, you must be so so psyched!!

Di said...

Love my Mac!!! I went pretty much cold turkey from Windows to Mac. No desire to run Windows on it. The only problem I had was bringing over my accounts in I just waited until the new year started and began again on Quicken for Mac.

After about 4 months with my Mac, I have signed up for dotMac, bought three more iPods for my family, bought a desktop system for my kids and ascribed to the truism, "Friends don't let friends buy PC's!"