Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O, Holiday Tree!

I'm watching a news report about the Christmas trees being taken down in Seattle's airport as a result of a threat of legal action by a Rabbi and his attorney. This is probably not a popular opinion, but I say SUPER KUDOS to whoever decided they weren't going to play this game and took them down. Now those sooooo offended by an overgrown plant decorated with popcorn are sitting there with their mouths hanging open and worrying that people will begin to think they are The Grinch That Stole Christmas. Good. Because it's not the tree that is offensive, it's their closed-mindedness.

By now, the entire world knows that Christmas trees...oops, trees have no significance to the Christian religion whatsoever. They are no more a Christian symbol than Frosty The Snowman. (Who, by the way, I will be boycotting next year because I'm seriously offended that Frosty doesn't have an equal TV time female counterpart.)

Christmas is a major holiday celebrated by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is not celebrated to offend all non-Christian religions, but if you aren't Christian this is not something you would celebrate anyway. Just like there's 364 days in a year that aren't your birthday. Maybe I'm going to start boycotting balloons and "Happy Birthday" banners if I see one on a day other than my own birthday. Why should anyone be allowed to celebrate something that I'm not celebrating?

Just because something is different or not part of your culture does not make it offensive or wrong. It is just different and it certainly doesn't take away anything from you or what you believe. Be grateful that you live in a place that lets you choose and celebrate as you wish and stop all of this idiotic nonsense. Next thing you know, they'll be banning Halloween! (yes, that was meant sarcastically) ;)

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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