Friday, December 15, 2006

Knee Deep In The Hoopla

I like to consider myself a conscientious parent to my four children. If my kids need to go somewhere, I take them and I pick them up. They get good grades, have never once been late for school and don't miss school or any cheerleading, band, volleyball, soccer, choir practice, game or concert unless they are sick. I am usually at every game and concert, as well. Actually, this says a lot. If you, as a parent, would like any resemblance of having your own life or any money, do not give birth to 3 cheerleaders who compete on competition squads. Additionally, your time and funds will be even more impacted if you allow one of those cheerleaders to play four different instruments in five different bands. Somehow, though, I manage to work and even find time to drive all the kids home whose parents can't or won't pick them up.

This weekend Middle and Little Daughter are going away for a cheerleading competition. Getting ready for a cheerleading competition requires not only hours of practice and middle of the night runs to catch buses, but massive amounts of curlers, ribbons, hair gel and hurricane wind withstanding hairspray.

The girls have to be at school to catch the bus to the competition at 4:00 AM. Other kids want to know if I will pick them up and drive them because their parents will be sleeping. Really? What a coincidence! I would be sleeping, too, if I didn't have to wake up to drive MY kids to a cheerleading competition. Since I am usually far too nice for my own good and other people can sense this, I agreed to take as many as I can fit in my mini-van.

Earlier this week, one girl called and asked Little Daughter if she was bringing hairspray to the competition and asked if she borrow some ...ok, fine...whatever. The next day the girl calls and wants to know if she can use our curlers and hair gel as well, because her mom won't buy her any. I told Little Daughter to tell her I just don't have enough hair curlers to share (I don't, really!) and I'm sorry, but I'm not going out to get more because her mom won't buy her any because....(get this--OMG!) gel and hairspray are flammable and her head could catch on fire. The mother won't purchase anything that could be responsible for her child's spontaneous hair combustion, but it's acceptable if I run out and buy everything to do her child's hair and she can even sleep over so that I can drive her to the competition at 4:00 AM, too. Sorry, as JibJab would say "that's Nuckin' Futs" and my answer is NOOOOOOOO!

This prompted Little Daughter to become very upset because this child will not have the curly-beehive-hairdo required for competition and the entire squad will suffer a point deduction probably making it impossible to win, despite their performance. I'm sure that will end up being my fault.

I am publicly drawing the line right here. To all the lazy parents of my children's friends, The Rock Chick is growing weary of being knee-deep in your hoopla. I just want to dance here, but you keep jumping on my stage....Call me irresponsible, but write me off your page.

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